Yashica ヤシカ This & That

You know when you get a new toy… the photographic kind, you’ve gotta play with it just to see its capabilities and possibilities. Our new Fujifilm FinePix has some great features and some that fall a bit short. The macro settings appear to be a nice plus.


Extreme close-up of the Yashica logo on the front of the leather case for the Pentamatic ’35’. We quite like this font… they used it some here and there in the late 1950s but went to the ‘western’ font for much of the 1960s.


Photoshoot c1960’s style.


Close-up of Sailor Boy’s hat. This hat is on the standard 4 inch promotional doll made by Modern Plastics of Japan for Yashica in 1962.


We were lucky to find another Yashica J-3 in Pro-Black trim for our collection. This image was not taken with the Fuji… back to the trusty Samsung Galaxy S4 with natural lighting.

So there you have it… a few new images to share with you.

Thanks for the visit… Chris & Carol


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