A Couple of ‘New’ Yashicas

ヤシカ… A couple of new Yashicas have caught our fancy. From 1986 and during Yashica’s ‘dark period’ when they were taken over by Kyocera, this super nice (and truly new) Yashica MF-2 Super DX. To be sure it’s a very plastic camera but it’s filled with some nice high tech features… DX coding of the film speed, automatic exposure and built in flash. No focus needed as the lens can focus from about 3 feet to infinity (and beyond!!!).

The other member of the Yashica family is this nice almost 100% mint Yashica-A with gray leather and silky black metalwork. It’s from 1959 and works perfectly… shutter speeds are spot on and the aperture blades are snappy. No self timer on these basic models from Yashica, but they hit a great price point with buyers and had a long production run.


Yashica-A in gray with the original gray leather case. From 1959.


Yashica-A in gray leather and black metal. The Kodak film is close to the correct era (late 1950s).


Low key effect photograph. It gives the camera a bit of an edgy look.


Interesting lens serial numbers on this camera. The taking lens SN (pictured) is only 19 numbers less than the viewing lens. Almost spot on (haven’t seen that yet). Of course these lenses were made by Tomioka Optical of Tokyo for Yashica.


Brand new and never used (isn’t that the same?) Yashica MF-2 Super DX 35mm rangefinder camera from 1986. Parts made in Japan and assembled in Hong Kong.


Low key photograph gives this pretty but humble camera a nice look.

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Our ヤシカ Pentamatic Family…

We were finally able to get the Pentamatics together for a photoshoot. These cameras range from a March 1960 build date to January of 1961. The lenses are made by Tomioka Optical of Tokyo for Yashica. The lower left camera has both the Super Yashinon-R name and Yashica Tominon (kinda rare). The other three are Auto Yashinons, f/ 1.8, 5.5cm normal lenses that were supplied with the first Pentamatics.


Yashica’s first single-lens reflex (SLR) cameras.


No changes were made to the original Pentamatic ’35’ through its production run. Small (slight) changes were made with the introduction of the Pentamatic II which made its way to dealer’s shelves in the Fall of 1960. The Pentamatic II was never strongly advertised – as late as 1962, large camera dealers were still advertising the original Pentamatic.


1958 Kodak Kodachrome film in our 1961 Pentamatic.


The January 1961 Pentamatic from Arizona is getting (already completed) a ‘new’ baseplate to replace the engraved one (with Arizona driver’s license number). The first owner purchased it in June of 1962 and promptly engraved his DL number. Oh well… that was the norm back then. We’ve seen  cameras with Social Security numbers  engraved!

Please check out our more detailed posts about this uncommon camera from Yashica.

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Yashica ヤシカ J-3 in Pro-Black

Another of our favorites in the Yashica family. This limited edition J-3 is rather rare to find in nearly new condition these days. We haven’t found evidence from Yashica of the when and why they chose this model to be their first SLR in black (with matching lens). In all the brochures and pamphlets we’ve been able to read, nothing has ever been written about it and no pictures from Yashica either. We’ve checked Japanese home market sales brochures and of course those available in English. Not one word! The serial numbers (both the bodies and lenses) run within a small time period of mid 1962 (we believe).

***Please if a reader has more information about this elusive J let us know!


J-3 finished a roll of Sakura film.


Not quite the heavyweight the Pentamatic is but still a beast at just over 900 grams!


Same family but very distant cousins! Yashica made countless changes in its SLR line-up in just under three years.

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Heavyweight Champion… the Pentamatic!

Having only fond memories of the 1960s era SLRs can be quickly erased by putting a neck strap onto a Pentamatic and walking around with it. My first SLR was a Yashica TL Electro-X purchased in the PX at Patrick AFB near Cocoa Beach, Florida in 1972. I remember that with the normal lens (50mm f/ 1.7) attached it felt like a lead weight swinging from your neck and thumping against your chest with every step taken. But I can at least take comfort in the fact that I didn’t have to lug the Pentamatic!


Lots of brass and glass… nearly a kilogram of stuff here and that’s without film! Two pounds of camera can leave someone with a very stiff neck.

Conversely our new Fujifilm FinePix S9900W comes in at only 674 grams! But if you’ve never composed a picture with a beast like the Pentamatic then you missed out on some of the nuts and bolts of photography. But we’re happy to embrace the new technology… can’t wait to see what’s next on the horizon.


Our Fujifilm. Beautiful and very capable camera.

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