Chasing Classic Cameras 2020

2020 was a pretty dynamic year as far as our camera collection was concerned. Lots of outgoing cameras and lenses and a few (well more than a few) additions. Here’s my top 6 new members of the hoard.

An eclectic mix of cameras presented in no particular order.

Canon EOS-1N RS. The Superman of Canon’s 35mm SLR film cameras. This one is from about 1998. The high-speed motor drive is built-in and at its fastest its capable of shooting 10 fps! Here it has a gorgeous Canon EF AF 50mm f1.4 USM lens mounted.
Zeiss Ikon Contax IIIa from 1951 is a 35mm interchangeable lens rangefinder film camera. A fully operational Contax IIIa from early 1951. Here it’s pictured with the exposure meter flap in the closed position. The Carl Zeiss Sonnar f/1.5 50mm lens is in excellent condition as is the camera. Even the exposure meter is working!
The last in the long line of Leica L39 (LSM) interchangeable lens rangefinder cameras. This is the famous Leica IIIg with the Leicavit winder attached. The lens is a wonderful and sharp Ernst Leitz Summaron f3.5 35mm wide-angle lens.
I didn’t need to add this full-frame monster to my collection but when the opportunity came along to own it I couldn’t pass. At 36 MP it will laser etch your eyes with it’s resolution. Here it’s got a sharp AF Nikkor 50mm f1.4 lens. The only downside to this camera is no built-in image stabilization so you need a tripod (at least I do) for any shot with a lens over 135mm.
My favorite Yashica hands down. This classic 35mm SLR film camera is in mint condition and came with its original box. From May 1970.
Yashica-Nicca YF – August 1959. Mated with a sharp Yashinon f1.8 5cm lens. This Yashica is a 35mm interchangeable lens film camera that uses L39 (LSM) lenses.

Believe it or not but there’s a few more not listed here. I’ll blog about those soon. There were many more outgoing cameras in our collection in 2020 which is always a good thing. You can’t keep them all.

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SUNday Spotlight – Chasing Classic Cameras with Chris

Happy SUNday and thanks for stopping by!

Today I’d like to show you a new addition to our collection. While on one hand, we’re downsizing the collection while on the other hand, we continue to add classics – especially rather hard to find classics like this one.

The Yashica-Nicca 35 YF or as it was known in Japan, the Yashica 35 Fair-Way.


The first and only dual-branded camera from Yashica, the YF is a 35mm rangefinder camera that uses interchangeable L39 screw-in mount lenses (made by a variety of lens producers). Here it’s mated with its original Yashinon f/1.8 5cm lens.


The Yashica YF is rather unique in its design and a break from the more traditional Leica-like cameras of the 1950s. The YF was first produced in July 1959 and according to the serial numbers, ended its run by September 1959 with just a little over 6,200 made.


The camera back features an easy to open film door that made loading 35mm film cassettes a breeze. Very similar to the Nicca Type-5 but its door swung to the right.


Shown with the film door and baseplate completely removed.


The serial number shown here decodes to August 1959 number 1,603rd made since the start of production in July.


Another neat feature of the YF is that the film advance lever was located in a slot on the upper right of the top plate which made advancing the film and cocking the shutter super easy.


The single eyepiece is late and provides a clear view through the rangefinder.


The perfectly placed rangefinder windows afforded a bright view and easy focusing.

yashica 35 fair way brochure

An original sales brochure from late 1959.


The original instruction booklet in English.

IMG_20181016_0004 logo

From a Yashica sales brochure from around mid-1960.

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