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Yashima Flex Box – revisited

As a die-hard collector of Yashica cameras and photo gear, I can’t pass up the opportunity to share interesting bits that represent Yashica’s history. Of course, Yashica started off as Yashima and this represents the only camera that bore the Yashima name. Subsequent cameras quickly were named Yashica while the company name remained Yashima (until 1958).

So the Yashima Flex is pretty unique as it is a one-off. Here’s a pretty rare find – an original box for the Yashima Flex from 1953. The box structurally is sound and the graphics are clear and still appealing. There is some embedded soil that stained the paper on the top of the box but that’s to be expected as the top receives the most fallout from pollutants.

YashimaFlex Box

YashimaFlex Box 2

YashimaFlex Box 3

This is spot on to the actual color of the box (faded I’m sure after all these years).

These boxes are often called presentation boxes as they were inside of an outer cardboard shipping box. As best as I can tell, the boxes were never intended to be a place to store your camera when not in use so most were disposed of as soon as the camera was used. There’s no reason not to store your camera in its leather case in the box other than it wasn’t very convenient to do so. Finding an intact box for a camera made in Japan sixty-five years ago is pretty amazing especially considering that there weren’t many made.

Yashima was a startup just like hundreds of others in post-war Japan. How their boxes looked in a dealers display mattered so these early 1950s boxes often were made extremely well. To give an idea of its size here are its dimensions. About 7 inches tall, 5 inches wide and 4.25 inches deep ( 170 x 124 x 110mm).

Yashima Flex Box Set (1) with logo

Yashima’s pride and joy! Not quite as good a representation of the actual color of the box compared to pictures earlier in this post.

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Nicca Flash Unit from around 1953

As you may have guessed by now if you casually follow this blog that I also have a passion for collecting bits of camera gear made by and for the Nicca Camera Company. Nicca was acquired by Yashica in 1958 and that acquisition led directly to Yashica developing (with lots of help from Nicca designers) its first 35mm single-lens reflex camera the Pentamatic 35 by early 1960. Yashica was a bit slow to the marketplace with an SLR as Canon, Asahi Pentax and Canon (among others) had already introduced SLRs by then.

Because of this relationship, Nicca has always held a prominent spot in my collection and the Nicca 3-S remains one of my favorite 35mm rangefinders to shoot with. Recently I’ve added this wonderful flash set to my collection.

From the instruction booklet, it describes this as “an automatic rechargeable flash gun specifically designed for Nicca cameras”.


Considering its age (1953) it’s in outstanding condition. Hey, it’s as old as me!


All set to go. The Nicca B.C.B. flash unit attached to my Nicca 3-S.


Viewed from above the pilot lamp is visible on the top center of the flash head. It lights up when the flash is ready to fire.


The red-tipped bulb ejector button. You don’t want to handle a hot bulb.


As part of the set, I received the original instruction booklet and a pamphlet for the flashbulbs which were made by West Electric Company of Tokyo and Osaka – later to become or at least partner with National-Matsushita.


A closer look at the “Exposure Guide Numbers” card pictured in the previous image above.


The reflector is about 5.5 inches across. The bulb looks tiny compared to the reflector but believe me, it puts out some light!

Nicca AD Cool

Advertisement from late 1951 0r 1952.  The flash looks like it used a slightly different connector cord than the one in my set. Hinomaruya ( ひのまるや ) was the Domestic General Agent for Nicca in Japan.


Details from the instruction booklet. Shown in this image is a capacitor and 22.5-volt battery to power the flash but it could also be powered by two “D” cell batteries or three “AA” penlight batteries with an adapter.


Size comparison between the flash handle and two D-cell batteries. As can be seen, the optional add on handle extension would need to be used. 


Front view without the reflector. My guess is that the “BC” means battery-capacitor and the “B” is for battery (I don’t know for sure about the last “B” at this point).


Camera side view with the shutter cord connector and “L” bracket connector visible. The red-tipped bulb ejector button is also visible.


Parts detail minus the reflector and the capacitor/battery.

Nicca only made 35mm rangefinder cameras (maybe a lens or two but unproven) during its existence so the flash unit was made by another company. It’s likely that the West Electric Company, Limited, of Osaka and Tokyo was the manufacturer although no part of the flash is marked with the name “West”. Only the included pamphlet mentioned West. As stated earlier in this post, it’s likely that West merged or partnered with National-Matsushita Electric to build additional models of flash units during the second half of the 1950s.

Thanks for stopping by! If you know what “B.C.B.” means please share it with me. – Chris

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In the Shop – Yashica FR II & more!

New in the shop this week is this excellent Yashica FR II. It’s a wonderfully simple film camera to use as it incorporates aperture-priority autoexposure. You select the f-stop and the camera’s computer sets the shutter speed based on your film’s ISO (ASA) speed.


The Yashica FR II is one of my favorite cameras to use. The viewfinder is big, bright and clear and coupled with the fast Contax/Yashica DSB 50mm lens it’s a joy to shoot with. The focusing screen on this Yashica uses a diagonally split focus spot that makes it super easy to get an accurate focus quickly even in dim lighting (perfect for my gettin’ older eyes!).

This Yashica FR II (FR2) has been fully inspected, serviced and tested. It will come to you with a fresh battery and the original lens cap. Just load a roll of film and you’re good to go!

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Canon F-1 35mm SLR

Canon F-1 35mm single-lens reflex camera from 1975.

This beautiful Canon is part of my extensive Canon camera collection. Having said that, it’s time to pare down some of my collection. Besides being super clean, this camera has been fully tested and is working perfectly. I’ve installed new film door light seals and a new mirror bumper pad. It has a fresh battery and it will come with its original Canon nylon neck/shoulder strap, the original Canon body cap, and two Canon books. The instruction book is a high-quality copy dated 03/1975 and the F-1 sales brochure is dated 03/1978 and it’s an original.

The camera. If you’ve never had the opportunity to shoot with an F-1 then you’d be very happy with this camera. The F-1 is a professional grade camera designed to last a lifetime. It’s a pleasure to use and of course, it accepts all of Canon’s FD and FL lenses and a ton of accessories.


It’s available at and here in this post (see below).




The original Canon F-1 is a fully manual camera – you control the focus, you set the lens aperture and shutter speed, and you determine the proper exposure using the thru-the-lens (TTL) built-in light meter. It’s film photography at its purest.




This camera is available through my Etsy camera shop at of you can purchase it directly from this post.

Canon F-1 35mm SLR Film Camera

As described in the accompanying post. Fully serviced, tested and ready to roll. I'll mail it pretty much worldwide but please ask for a shipping quote for outside the US. Thanks, Chris


Canon – World Cup 1986

Not often seen, a Canon 1986 World Cup T50 35mm SLR.



The Canon T50 is an underrated camera (as is the T70). Built-in power drive and programmed automation made it a super simple 35mm SLR that used all of Canon’s FD lenses. If you wanted simple, fast and accurate the T50 and the T70 are great values in the used market.


Thanks for stopping by! – Chris

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Yashica TL Electro-X

As I continue to downsize my collection, I’m offering this beautiful Yashica TL Electro-X for purchase. It’s also available in my camera shop at

Yashica TL Electro-X 35mm SLR Film Camera with an Auto Yashinon 50mm f1.4 DS-M Lens from Tomioka Optical

This is a museum-worthy camera set from my personal collection of exceptional Yashicas. It's been inspected, fully tested and is ready to pass on to the next collector. For additional images of the set and a more detailed description of the camera please visit my camera shop and studio at I mail practically worldwide (there are a few exceptions) and if it's purchased directly from this post I'll mail it for free, fully insured and tracked to your home or business.


The camera was assembled in September 1973 at Yashica’s newest factory (at that time) which was located in Hong Kong – its bottom plate is stamped “HONG KONG” which is rarely seen today. The 50mm lens is an extremely fast f/ 1.4 designed and built by the famous Tomioka Optical Company (which was fully part of Yashica by this time).

This set will come to you with a fresh battery, the original Yashica 57mm lens cap, the proper instruction booklet (dated 09/73) and the Yashica booklet ‘Yashinon Lenses & Accessories’ (dated 08/73).

This is a great opportunity to acquire an important camera in not only Yashica’s history but in the history of 35mm SLR development.

Thanks for stopping by and good luck! – Chris

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Single Shot Focus on the Yashica TL Electro-X


The Yashica TL Electro-X. It would not be an overstatement to say that this camera was Yashica’s most successful 35mm SLR – ever! I’m not sure what the total sales record is for this camera but success is measured beyond just the number of cameras sold. It was the first SLR with full electronic control of the shutter and it used an innovative LED display in the viewfinder to help adjust the camera for the proper exposure.

From Yashica: Electronically operated metal focal plane shutter with speeds from about 2 seconds to 1/1000 with in-between shutter speed settings possible, and B. Thru-the-Lens (TTL) light measuring system with IC computer and electronic exposure readout. It had a “brain”.

This gorgeous example is from my personal collection and it’s available for purchase in my Etsy camera shop at

It includes the famous Tomioka Optical designed and built Auto Yashinon 50mm f1.4 DS-M lens. The camera and lens are in collector quality condition – full mint condition and the camera works as new. The lens is perfect and the glass is crystal clear. Adding to the uniqueness of this set is that the camera was built at Yashica’s new factory in Hong Kong in September 1973. The baseplate is appropriately marked “Hong Kong”.


Assembled in Hong Kong with parts made in Japan.

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There’s plenty of awesome cameras available in the shop with more being added from my collection almost daily.


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