Amelia’s Little Airport

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Dramatic nighttime lighting highlights the unique design of the Fernandina Beach (Florida) Municipal Airport Terminal building. The design pays homage to the U.S. Navy F4U Corsair fighter plane that flew training missions from this airfield during WWII.

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The “Corsair” as seen from the plane’s starboard side (note the small green light at the end of the wing). The canopy (skylight) is highlighted with a series of LED lights.

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The terminal as seen from the runway side of the airfield.

A well-executed design that looks stunning at night. I’m sure this will be somewhat of an attraction here in Northeast Florida as the building will feature all types of memorabilia from the airfield’s connection to the Corsair and the training of Naval aviators during World War II.

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Amelia Island’s New Airport Terminal – A Bold Design Executed Flawlessly

The Fernandina Beach, Amelia Island, Florida airport terminal is almost complete and the design is unique and stunning! Designed to pay homage to the U.S. Navy Corsair fighter from World War II.


It’s sure to be a tourist attraction and I believe the designers should get a tip of the hat for taking such a bold idea and executing it to perfection. Here the workers are installing the last of the glass panels that form the skylight-canopy.


Everywhere you look you see quality touches and the attention to detail is unmatched anywhere in the City of Fernandina Beach.


From the second-floor observation deck looking towards the tail section.



The runway side of the terminal is the airplane’s cowling – notice the Pratt & Whitney Eagle logo.


What a cool bicycle rack!


The Corsair has landed!

1st and 2nd collage

Early stages of construction from January of this year.

What a lovely air terminal to welcome visitors and residents alike to beautiful Amelia Island. If you’re ever passing through extreme Northeast Florida, by all means, take the time to stop in and check out our terminal. They’ll be historical displays featured inside the three-story lobby specifically tailored to recognize our military heritage and the brave aviators that flew the Navy Corsairs during the War.

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Yashica’s L AF – good things come from plastic rectangles

A true plastic fantastic from Kyocera-Yashica. Released around 1986, this little gem is a modern classic. It gives much better-known (and much more expensive) point & shoots a run for the money.

yashica l af logo 1212

Poor man’s T* Series with Zeiss lenses (I’m pretty sure these lenses are Zeiss without the coating).

yashica laf 2121

Not much control over this camera – it was designed to take pictures without much fuss – and do it well.

yaslaf 33

It says Yashica lens but I’m sure it’s a Zeiss – why wouldn’t it? By the way, the 32mm f/3.5 lens is as fast as the other T* Series lenses – with the exception of the Kyocera T Scope (Japanese market T3) which is f/2.8

Good condition Yashica L AF’s are not common on online auction sites but nice ones still go for less than $40 or so. This nearly mint one went for $20!

Sharp contrasty lens – quick but not super quick AF but excellent auto exposure – perfect pics nearly every shot!



Images were taken on Fujicolor Superia color negative film. No post-production on any of these outside pics.

kyocera t scope

Headed our way from Japan!

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Another one bites the dust – more destruction = less trees

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Former residential property is now commercially zoned along a quiet stretch of Sadler Road here on Amelia Island. With proper tree protection zones established around the massive oaks on the front of the property, these trees may make it through the construction process – but as you can see in this image, destruction is in progress with NO tree protection barriers in place! Soil is also being dumped over the existing grade which tends to suffocate the tree’s root system.

These 5 beautiful oaks need immediate protection from the destruction-construction process. The City of Fernandina Beach has tough tree protection ordinances on the books but at this moment, it would appear that some of those codes may have been broken. Stay tuned!