Shame on US!!!

The country that I love, the country that I swore to protect with my life for 22 years in the United States Navy and the country and her people that I would still give my life for today is NOT THE SAME country that I know!


MY country does not rip children from their parents under any circumstance! Never! But it’s happing now is this new sick twisted reality of today’s America.

Put a stop to this barbaric situation now! There is no excuse for such heartless inhumane treatment of these families. Stop it now! This is what desperate dictators do. They divide people and demonize anyone that thinks or is different. It’s not the real America.

Call your representatives and tell them to stop it now. No negotiating the lives of families. It’s a sick thing to do enforced by only sick people and only evil-minded people would even think of doing it.

Thank you.

Chris and Carol

Happy SUNday! Violent Cartoon Edition


“Willie Mouse” on a 1960s era movie editor.

Mickey’s delinquent cousin? I can’t remember how many times when I was a kid that I’ve watched this cartoon – there was something fun about running your own cartoon through the family projector.


Super cool 8mm film editor – we love the 1960s style of this thing! It was made in Japan by Ohnoya Shoten, Ltd.


Back to the movie. “Baby Faced Battler” by Castle Films, produced by United World Films. The character first appeared in 1938. Crazy violent!


DeJur Model 750 8mm movie projector – c1953


Mindless fun!

Have a great day y’all!


Sad SUNday! Remembering the kitties we lost this year


Zoe – Our Sunroom Kitty – 2000 to 2018

Zoe was nearly 18 years old and she went missing just 2 days after we found Pirate dead.


Pirate – The King of the Neighborhood – 2003 to 2018


Sukoshi – The Soft One – 2003 to 2017

As much as Carol and I have enjoyed our different kitties over the 45 years of our marriage, with the loss of these three we have moved on from pet ownership. It’s painful to think about it but as we age it’s best for the cats and us.


Our first kitty – Avon – 1975

Our cats: Avon 1975, Tank 1975, Sony 1981, Candy 1983, Zoe 2000, Pirate 2003, Sukoshi 2003 ^.^

Thanks for stopping by. Have a beautiful SUNday!

Chris and Carol ^.^

Ida and Thomas Whelan

I recently found the time to scan some wonderful photographs of my family. This one of my father’s parents is one of my favorites. This is a direct scan of the print that was made back in the early 1930s. I haven’t touched up the image in any way except to add a touch more brightness. The tones are original. The image was taken in Brooklyn, New York c1932.


Chris’ grandparents – Ida and Thomas c1932

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Pirate – Everyone’s Kitty

So sad to announce the passing of a neighborhood legend – Pirate aka, Andy Panda, Shamu, Pi Pi, Pirate de Cat, Old Man, and dozens of other names, died this morning at the age of around 17 (guessing). He walked into our lives on a brutally hot summer day back in 2003 and immediately adopted us. We fell in love with this sweet little fuzz ball. Lindsay and Tim came up with his name since he “looked” like a Pirate.

Everyone loved him – even the dogs in the neighborhood (who learned to keep their distance BTW) liked Pi… dog people even commented that he was the only cat that they liked. He was way too trusting and loved to be petted by any stranger (that’s why we made sure he was always inside during Halloween and anytime fireworks were going off).

He will be deeply missed by all. ^.^


2013-07-28 09.39.48




As my daughter just texted “there will never be another Pirate – he was special”.

Peace to my little buddy. ^.^

Happy SUNday! A simpler time – 1959

Happy SUNday y’all! Hope it’s going well.

Here’s a neat item from a much simpler time. We love that the prescription is in Carol’s mom’s first name only and that there’s no mention of what the drug was. Can you image? It’s almost 60 years old now – it’s amazing that her mom kept the bottle!

20180506_112338 logo

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