Weekly Photo Challenge – Pedestrian

We decided to take a trip back in time in response to this week’s challenge – Pedestrian

Yokohama, Japan 1979


Friendly police and happy shoppers – At Motomachi, Yokohama. Photo by Chris – Canon F-1

New York City, USA c1940


Fashionable pedestrians stepping out in NYC in the late 1930s or early 1940s. The beautiful lady on the far right is my mom. Unknown photographer.

Cannes, France 1986


Summer strolling along Rue Louis Blanc – The French Riviera – Photo by Chris – Canon F-1

Three different decades – Three different countries – All pedestrians through time.


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Our Silly Old Cat!

Zoe, our 18 year old Siamese cat decides to check out something she’s never seen before.

A rather large puddle in front of our house created by the heavy rains from the passage (well west of us) of Hurricane Irma. Zoe ran out from the garage and down the driveway (with winds around 35 mph with gusts to around 55 mph or so) to get a closer look at this “new found thing” (and a drink!).

What we don’t see is that as soon as I moved the camera away, she proceeded to JUMP into the puddle and swim around!!! I couldn’t believe what I saw and of course she was out in a flash – soaked and meowing her head off! No damage done and now she knows that she can’t walk on water.


The street flooded only because the drains were blocked by leaves that had been ripped off the oak trees by the gusty winds. As soon as a neighbor cleared the drains (shortly after this shot) the street was back to normal and Zoe’s swimming hole was gone.


An appropriate “possessed” cat pic of Zoe. Wanting me to turn on the faucet.

This was on Monday morning (9-11-2017) and she’s gone down the driveway everyday since to check on her puddle! Silly old cat!

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Disney’s Wilderness Lodge… Whispering Canyon Cafe

One of our favorite spots to kick back at Walt Disney World. The food is always fantastic and the grounds are wonderful for strolling after dinner with its “California Lodge” look of what you’d expect Yosemite to look like.








Typical Disney attention to detail throughout – a must stay if you’re a Disney fan and a fan of that California look.

Thanks for your visit and be sure to stop by ccstudio2380 for some great examples of our fine art photography.

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Pretty little garden bell… a small reminder of mom.


A recent post by a friend and fellow blogger, Aunt JoAnn https://auntjoannblog.com/, made me think about some long put away bells that my mom collected (small collection thankfully)! Pretty little bells from her travels. Others collected postcards and various trinkets as souvenirs, but for my mom, it was always bells. Oh the bells! The bells!


This little bell is only 3 inches tall and about 2.5 inches at the base. It often sat near our dining table so it naturally became an unofficial dinner bell. It has a lovely soft “tinkle” sound.


The colors are beautiful and the flowers are lovely. It’s one of her prettiest bells.


We don’t collect bells and really have no place to display them. When your parents have passed you naturally inherit their collections of things and when your children don’t want these items (no room for them even if they wanted them) we’re left with what to do with them.

It’s a shame really, but the reality is that as we age our children will be faced with the same problems we’re facing now… no room in our downsized homes for such stuff. So what to do with the things that tie us to our past. No easy answers – we’re reminded just how fragile life is and how our homes are almost always in some sort of danger (Hurricane Harvey and the flooding). We lost some very personal items when Hurricane Hugo (1989) roared across Puerto Rico trashing our home. We were gone, our cats were safe but many things (from my mom) were destroyed (including some of her bells) in the rains that blew through our broken windows.

So that brings me to thinking about the latest disaster in Texas and along the Gulf Coast… some people lost their lives, families are torn apart, some will lose their jobs forever, their stuff is wet and in some cases swept away in the flood – damaged and destroyed. But they will have memories of the better times and hopefully will be able to put their lives back together again.

It’s amazing how one post in a lovely blog can help to recall some cherished memories. The power of words and the gift of memory.

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Samurai Horseman – World Showcase, Japan Pavilion Epcot

We’ve visited the Japan Pavilion quite a number of times over the years – it’s difficult to find new ways of photographing familiar things. The two samurai on horseback that stand guard to the castle have proven to be photographically “tricky” for me. What I mean is that I’m never really satisfied with my images – they lack the sunshine that would make them pop.

They’re beautifully presented statues, wonderfully sculptured and highly detailed but lack bright natural lighting. With that said, here’s my best “shot” at making something out of a poor original image.


Oh how I wish this sculpture were out in the open against a beautiful blue sky!

And while we’re at it, the torii gate is another of my hard to capture icons at the pavilion. The Epcot background always throws me… who wants to see the “golf ball” peeking from behind the gate!


No Epcot “golf ball” but now we see France and England in the background!

If you haven’t had the chance to wander around the Japan Pavilion at Epcot yet, please find the time. Carol and I will often spend an entire afternoon strolling through the many beautiful exhibits and of course you’ve got to see Mitsukoshi Department Store.


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Cameras: Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W170 and Samsung Galaxy S4

Chris & Carol ^.^