Marseille to Sisteron & Gap by Train – 1986

As part of my ship’s port visit to Cannes, France, I was able to take an all too short trip to Marseille from Cannes and then on to Sisteron. Not quite the full French Alps but close. A charming little town with some nice views of the mountains. Unfortunately I had to be on the next train heading back south so I at best had only an hour to walk about. The quality of the scans are not the best as satin paper does not scan well at any resolution. All images were taken with my Canon F-1 (1978 Version) … Continue reading Marseille to Sisteron & Gap by Train – 1986

Côte d’Azur 1986… Cannes and Monte-Carlo

Wonderful port visit for my US Navy ship, the USS Forrestal (CV-59) in the summer of 1986 during our Mediterranean Cruise. The aircraft carrier (Forrestal) anchored out just off the coast and the Sailors would ride liberty boats or local ferries to the docks (Fleet Landing).  The above image was taken on one of those boats (as were all the images in this post) with my Canon F-1 (1978 Version) with various Canon lenses on Kodak Kodacolor film. These images are scanned with a Canon CanoScan 9000F Mark II but the quality of the pictures just isn’t there. The paper … Continue reading Côte d’Azur 1986… Cannes and Monte-Carlo

Monaco – Monte-Carlo 1986

Some recently found images from a short stop in Monaco and the French Riviera in September 1986. Original images are from my Canon F-1 on Kodacolor film – scanned with a Canon CanoScan 9000F Mark II. The prints are on satin finish paper which does not scan well – at all! At the casino, I was invited for a change of clothing as my casual American attire was too casual for the likes of the casino. Nice clothes – and they were happy to store my camera gear for me and watched us US Navy Sailors like hawks! Wonderful port … Continue reading Monaco – Monte-Carlo 1986

Florence… 1986

In presenting a short series of images of Florence (one of the most beautiful of all cities in Italy), it’s a tough call on which images to include. In Pisa, it has to be the most famous bell tower in the world. I imagine for Rome I would choose the Coliseum – Colosseum or the Vatican. Since there’s so much beauty, history, art and architecture at every turn in Florence it’s nearly impossible to choose the one to use first. My visit to the Tuscony Region was in late October 1986 – the weather was perfect and the visibility was … Continue reading Florence… 1986

Pisa… 1986

Pisa… a gorgeous city filled with unbelievable wonders. Photographic eye candy to be sure. In 1986, shooting with a Canon F-1 and Canon lenses on Kodachrome 25 was as close to “perfect” in 35mm photography as one could hope to achieve (sorry Nikon guys and gals). In appreciation of the all the imperfections and limits of film photography (just like vinyl records), analog photography still moves me. Sure I love digital – some images with digital were impossible with film (or nearly so), but film has a softness of color and detail that I love. These images were taken in … Continue reading Pisa… 1986