Weekly Photo Challenge – Pedestrian

We decided to take a trip back in time in response to this week’s challenge – Pedestrian

Yokohama, Japan 1979


Friendly police and happy shoppers – At Motomachi, Yokohama. Photo by Chris – Canon F-1

New York City, USA c1940


Fashionable pedestrians stepping out in NYC in the late 1930s or early 1940s. The beautiful lady on the far right is my mom. Unknown photographer.

Cannes, France 1986


Summer strolling along Rue Louis Blanc – The French Riviera – Photo by Chris – Canon F-1

Three different decades – Three different countries – All pedestrians through time.


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Fujicaflex Automat – Fuji Photo Film’s 1st TLR – 1954

Vintage camera wish list item 101.

The Fuji Photo Film Co., Ltd., Fujicaflex 


Designed to incorporate the best features that were available in the medium format twin-lens reflex camera market, the Fujicaflex debuted in 1954 – at a very premium price we might add. While surfing today, we stumbled upon this wonderful site from Fujifilm Europe. You can check it out here

It’s nice to see a large corporation like Fujifilm blog about some of the really cool cameras that helped make their company great. I another blog they go on to talk about the amazing Fujipet from 1957.


For more about this wonderful camera, take a trip here too to see Mr. Yoshinobu Koyasu’s camera collection… it is not to be missed!

It’s certainly interesting to read (Fujifilm Europe’s blog) – the older posts that pay tribute to the cameras of their roots are so interesting.



Marseille to Sisteron & Gap by Train – 1986

As part of my ship’s port visit to Cannes, France, I was able to take an all too short trip to Marseille from Cannes and then on to Sisteron. Not quite the full French Alps but close. A charming little town with some nice views of the mountains. Unfortunately I had to be on the next train heading back south so I at best had only an hour to walk about.

The quality of the scans are not the best as satin paper does not scan well at any resolution. All images were taken with my Canon F-1 (1978 Version) on Kodak Kodacolor negative film.



Marseille train station?









Pretty sure that this was at the train station in Sisteron. Although I could have made it all the way to Gap.


I didn’t take notes as I shot these images – 31 years later I can’t recall exactly where they were in Sisteron or were they in Gap?

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Côte d’Azur 1986… Cannes and Monte-Carlo


Wonderful port visit for my US Navy ship, the USS Forrestal (CV-59) in the summer of 1986 during our Mediterranean Cruise. The aircraft carrier (Forrestal) anchored out just off the coast and the Sailors would ride liberty boats or local ferries to the docks (Fleet Landing).  The above image was taken on one of those boats (as were all the images in this post) with my Canon F-1 (1978 Version) with various Canon lenses on Kodak Kodacolor film. These images are scanned with a Canon CanoScan 9000F Mark II but the quality of the pictures just isn’t there. The paper that these were printed on was high quality Kodak satin finish paper, but after 31 years the colors have shifted and no amount of post production can bring them back. I need to find the negatives and give those a try. Satin finish paper is always hard to scan from.


Unfortunately I can’t place this building in Cannes.


The Hotel de Ville just off of the Promenade de la Pantiero in southwest Cannes.


Making good use of every square meter.


The Grand Hotel Martinez along the Boulevard de la Croisette, Cannes.


Standing near 4 Rue Louis Blanc looking north. The Google street view today looks exactly the same after 30 years. On the right is the famous Ernest Traiteur which also has some wonderful pastries too!


City view of Monte Carlo.


Casino de Monte-Carlo, Monaco.

As always our US Navy port visits were short and well deserved. Who could ask for a better place to be in the summer than the French Riviera! I would love to travel back there someday and really explore the coast.

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Monaco – Monte-Carlo 1986

Some recently found images from a short stop in Monaco and the French Riviera in September 1986. Original images are from my Canon F-1 on Kodacolor film – scanned with a Canon CanoScan 9000F Mark II. The prints are on satin finish paper which does not scan well – at all!



Casino de Monte-Carlo.


Monaco police caught in casual mode.




The TVG that I did not take from Marseille to Paris!

At the casino, I was invited for a change of clothing as my casual American attire was too casual for the likes of the casino. Nice clothes – and they were happy to store my camera gear for me and watched us US Navy Sailors like hawks!

Wonderful port visit overall – we were anchored out off the coast of Cannes along the French Riviera and travelled to Nice and Monte Carlo.

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Florence… 1986


Nothing says Florence like the Cathedral of Florence. Canon F-1 with FD 24mm f/2.8 lens on Kodak Kodachrome 25.

In presenting a short series of images of Florence (one of the most beautiful of all cities in Italy), it’s a tough call on which images to include. In Pisa, it has to be the most famous bell tower in the world. I imagine for Rome I would choose the Coliseum – Colosseum or the Vatican. Since there’s so much beauty, history, art and architecture at every turn in Florence it’s nearly impossible to choose the one to use first. My visit to the Tuscony Region was in late October 1986 – the weather was perfect and the visibility was awesome!

My camera was the Canon F-1 (1978 version) with three lenses to use: FD 24mm f/2.8, FD 80-200mm f/4 zoom and the normal FD 55mm f/1.4. Since sunlight would be in abundance, Kodak’s Kodachrome 25 fit perfectly with the days shooting plan (no interiors in the plans).


Vista view to the north… FD 24mm while hanging the camera over the side of the railing (wobbly pieces of metal) loosely attached to 600 year old stone.


The Duomo with its instantly identifiable tiled dome. FD 80-200mm at about 150mm


FD 200mm braced on the railing.


Back to earth… Canon FD 24mm wide angle lens at f/22


More FD 24mm… my go to lens in the tight quarters of a city. It’s not easy to get all three in the same image.


The Canon’s light meter (spot) handled this tricky exposure well. Yep, FD 24mm lens.

Of course what would a visit to any city be without the required “People and Pigeon” shot.


Happy people and happy pigeons.

This of course is only a very small sample of what’s available in and around Florence and the Tuscany Region. I had only one short afternoon to visit so I was lucky to see as much as I did. The old “someday” I hope to travel back and do it right.

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Pisa… 1986

Pisa… a gorgeous city filled with unbelievable wonders. Photographic eye candy to be sure. In 1986, shooting with a Canon F-1 and Canon lenses on Kodachrome 25 was as close to “perfect” in 35mm photography as one could hope to achieve (sorry Nikon guys and gals). In appreciation of the all the imperfections and limits of film photography (just like vinyl records), analog photography still moves me. Sure I love digital – some images with digital were impossible with film (or nearly so), but film has a softness of color and detail that I love.

These images were taken in mid October 1986. They’ve received only minor post production after scanning – mostly small crops to remove the edges of the 35mm slide mounts and some occasional color balancing and brightness tweaks. Film used was Kodak’s Kodachrome 25 (perfect for bright lighting and known for its fine grain).

My Canon F-1 (1978 version) and three FD lenses were all that I had in my bag: 24mm f/2.8 wide angle, 80-200mm f/4 zoom and the 55mm f/1.4. The weather was perfect – bright sunshine, low humidity with mild temperatures. Visibility was amazing as a recent cold front had passed through the area and cleared the air of haze and pollutants.


24mm taken on the south side of the tower.


80-200mm zoom. Until you see the tower in person you have no sense of the dramatic lean. Just amazing that it’s stood since 1327 like this.


The tower as a sundial. 80-200mm zoom


In silhouette. 80-200mm zoom hand held.


Holding the tower upright. 200mm


Enjoying the view to the north.


Pisa cathedral. 24mm


Gelato and soda. 80-200mm zoom at 150mm


Art in the streets. 55mm

An amazing city worthy of your visit.