Shop Dog

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Shop dog keeping a watchful eye on me as I pass through his territory. 

Honmoku, Naka-ku, Yokohama late 1970s. One of my favorite images from that time period as the various shop dogs and cats were not easy to get pictures of. The late day sun helped to add depth to the composition.

Camera: Canon F-1 (1978 Version) with FD 80-200mm zoom lens on Kodachrome.


Random Yokohama – 1978

A small collection of recently “found” images from our time spent living in Yokohama.


Happy me with my new Canon F-1 and Canon FD 80-200mm zoom lens.


Carol checking out the wall of crates outside a local liquor store.


Gift Box shopping.


Nice watches for a great price.

¥ 360 to the $


Carol always had pretty flowers at our house.


Carol’s potting shed that I built for her.


Carol busy at her desk.

We completely enjoyed our time in Japan. A once in a lifetime experience that we still treasure to this day. We lived at 283-D, Area 2, Honmoku, Naka-ku Yokohama from May 1977 to February 1980.

All smiles… Chris and Carol ^.^

Our Cat – ‘Avon’ 1977

One of the last good images I was able to take of our cat Avon enjoying some warm sunshine by our front door. He was a found kitten, starving but friendly (aren’t all hungry kitties friendly?). He was found along Carol’s Avon cosmetics route in Pensacola, Florida back in 1975. A Tom Cat with a silly name but it fit him. He ran off from our new house in Yokohama, Japan and he either lost his way or was taken in. I don’t think of the other possibilities.

Original image taken with my Yashica TL Electro-X on Kodak Ektachrome 64 color slide film and the matte finish print of the transparency was dry mounted. The scan is of the print (flaws and all) with my Canon CanoScan 9000F Mark II scanner.

Say hello to Avon.


Full uncropped image taken with my Fujifilm FinePix S9900 under studio lighting vice a scan. The marks are on the print. I like his tone and tint better here (below).


Thanks for the visit!

Chris and Carol

Springtime in Naka-ku, Yokohama

Remembering back to our time living in Japan in the late 1970s. We lived in a small area of southern Yokohama near Sankei-en (gardens). The Naka Ward was home to a large US Navy family housing area and the ever popular Navy Exchange and Commissary. Avenue D, pictured below, was the main highway from Yokohama to the Navy base at Yokosuka. In our part of the housing area, these Sakura (below) had been planted as a joint project with the military families and the local community. After the long and dreary winter we looked forward to the blossoms and warmth that signaled Spring.

20354188489_fd0e7856e0_o (1)

Sakura along Avenue D in the Naka Ward. Base housing to the left.

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Sankei-en in Spring. A short bicycle ride from our home so we visited often.


Carol spending her 100 yen wisely on a visit to Sankei-en.

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More views in Sankei-en.


Photography blossoms in the Spring.


We were lucky to live in such a nice area of Yokohama – everything was a short bike ride away. Spring was way too short and the Summers on the Kanto Plain were way too long!

Thanks for your visit! Enjoy your Spring!

Camera: Canon F-1

Film: Kodak Kodachrome 25




Rescue crewman’s fireproof helmet. USS Midway (CV-41), underway from Yokosuka, Japan in the South China Sea. 1978

No post production. As captured and composed.

Camera: Canon F-1 (1978 version)  Kodak Kodachrome 25  Canon FD 80-200mm f4 @ 4 sec

Tokyo store window – 1964

Japan and the summer Olympic Games held in Tokyo.

Yashica’s latest in their popular line of SLRs. As it would have appeared in 1964.

The world was coming to Japan for the Olympics and Japan was ready to show the world its best technology and design. The Tokaido Shinkansen made its inaugural run from Tokyo on October 1st and Japan and its technology never looked back.


Fantasy image of our 1964 Yashica J-5 as it would have looked in the camera dealer’s window.


Wonderful souvenir of the Olympic Games.


Yashica proudly shows off its new J-5


If you’ve been to Tokyo chances are you visited Mitsukoshi (there’s one at EPCOT at WDW, Orlando).


Who hasn’t owned or wanted a SONY!!!


A trip back in time. A time when Japan showed the world what it was capable of.

Thanks for your visit!



Neat Little Find

This camera cleaning cloth with an advertisement on it was with a Minolta camera we just acquired from a seller in Mie Prefecture, Japan.

A machine translation tells us that it is for a camera shop in Tokyo – Sakaecho – Tama 多摩ニュータウン.

Neat find from about 1963 or so… especially with the Contax camera depicted.  It’s 15 x 15cm square. We love the 4 digit telephone number! Just before the 1964 Tokyo Olympics.


Thanks for your visit!


Help solve another mystery… who is she?

Help! She’s been driving us crazy for years trying to identify what type of uniform she’s wearing.


Is she a stewardess, cruise ship officer, tour bus guide, train hostess? The uniform is certainly not a military uniform (but could be). This instruction booklet is from the late 1950s. Her cap is keeping with the style of the airlines at the time but definitely not JAL. Take note, she has a gold stripe on her right sleeve which wasn’t consistent with airlines unless you were in the cockpit. There is a hint of what looks like a pin (wings ?) on the left side of her jacket and of course there’s the emblem (logo) on her cap.

We’ve tried to place her by her looks. She doesn’t appear to be Asian… we think she looks northern European or from the UK… just don’t know.

We’re open to any and all ideas… just for fun since this is the only time Yashica used an image with a model wearing a uniform on the cover of their booklets. It was replaced rather quickly with a plain cover on later booklets.

Many thanks! We’ll take any and all guesses too.

Chris and Carol