Yashica Electro 35 GT

I’ve decided to sell my very nice Yashica Electro 35 GT camera. I recently purchased it from the original first owner in my local camera shop. It’s working perfectly after I installed a fresh battery and battery adapter. The meter is accurate and the lens is crystal clear. This model of the Electro 35 features semi-auto exposure shooting. What I mean by that is you obviously set the film’s ASA (ISO) rating then select the correct exposure based on the brightness of the subject and the camera will set the proper shutter speed. There are warning arrows that are visible inside the viewfinder that will warn if the scene is too bright or dark for the f-stop you’ve selected. I’m making it sound more complicated than it actually is. Let’s say it’s a bright sunny day and you’re shooting with a film rated at 200 ASA. You’d set the exposure (f-stop) to let’s say f/8. You could walk around taking shots and except for manually focusing never change the exposure settings. The camera will automatically adjust the shutter speed. It’s perfect for black & white street photography.

The Electro 35 GT features a fast f/1.7 lens which makes this camera ideal for low light situations with fast film. The Yashinon DX lens is super sharp too and at 45mm it’s perfect for 35mm photography.
Here is the new battery with the adapter. About $13 from a seller in Spain. It allows you to use a very common alkaline battery since mercury batteries are banned.
It has a simple top plate with ASA settings from 25 to 1000. The two lights warn of exposures outside the proper exposure range. The meter turns on when you advance the film and shuts off after your shot.
Super nice 35mm rangefinder camera from Yashica.

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