Yashica’s YT-300 Transistor Radio – 1960

Yashica produced more than just cameras during its boom years. As a leader in the field of electronic photography in the middle to late 1960s, Yashica’s early electronic devices ranged from such diverse items as transistor radios, record players, movie projectors, calculators, editing equipment and tape recorders to name but a few. Most of the earliest electronic devices are rather rare now (as one would expect after 50 years) and only occasionally does something come up in auctions both on the web and in estate sales. I suspect that the more common electrical items such as projectors and editing equipment … Continue reading Yashica’s YT-300 Transistor Radio – 1960

Fun with Fuji’s K-28 “Construction Camera”

Here’s a camera you don’t see often – maybe never – Fuji Photo Film Japan’s Fuji K-28. A waterproof and dust/dirtproof 35mm compact camera. Designed for rugged use like on a jobsite or in the rain. All of the controls are sealed against the elements via tight fitting rubber gaskets and secure latching systems. The camera gets its power from 2 AA LR6 alkaline manganese batteries. Here’s an interesting note from Fujifilm Japan:  Apologies and Requests Fujifilm “Construction Camera” For Customers By the way, when the capacity of the batteries is not complete (for example, when new alkaline batteries are … Continue reading Fun with Fuji’s K-28 “Construction Camera”