Mickey & Minnie by Fujifilm

Another neat find from our collection – this rather rare Mickey and Minnie Mouse APS camera by Fujifilm. From about 1999 or so, purchased at Tokyo Disneyland.

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This limited edition Mick & Min camera was only available for a limited time at Tokyo Disneyland. The camera inside the collectible tin has never been opened and is still loaded with Fujicolor APS color negative film. I believe my translation of the “40” means that there are about 40 flashes available with the cameras built-in flash. Chances are (although they may still be working) the batteries have long since expired.

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For more details on this wonderful Disney collectible, stop by our online store at https://www.ccstudio2380.com

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Happy SUNday! Vintage Camera Edition

Happy SUNday y’all! Two new offerings in our online store – from our collection to yours!

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Nikon Nikkormat FT3 – as clean as new – it’s been fully tested and is ready to roll! Check it out in our online store for a super deal on the wonderful classic from Nikon.

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Asahi Pentax Spotmatic SP model – early first version of this super popular camera. I’ve replaced the light seals and mirror pad and it’s been detailed inside and out. 100% fully working and a joy to use. Available in our online store at a great price.

Visit our store at https://www.ccstudio2380.com for more pictures and a complete detailing of the specifications of each camera set. These are from our personal collection of classic film cameras and have never been offered for sale before. Our home is smoke and pet free and we always store and maintain our cameras and lenses properly.

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Yashica-A: Collecting 101*

Here’s another look at this fine camera set from Yashica!

Yashica Pentamatic Fanatic

*Or how to run out of space for it all real quick!

As much as Carol and I would love to go on collecting camera sets, the cameras will eventually win out! Even when we narrow our collecting to let’s say only twin-lens reflex cameras made in the mid 1950s, and only made by Yashima-Yashica, we’d still run out of space and money. There were just too many made (obviously) to be able to collect all the different models and all the different variations. Yashima-Yashica was, by far, the most prolific TLR maker – ever! I believe they finally stopped by 1986 which was long after TLRs fell from favor!

So we’ve reached the point they sing about in that Disney movie – “Let it Go”! 

Collecting Yashima-Yashica cameras is a very satisfying endeavor. We’ve been at it for decades, we know. There’s enough of them around so the…

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Pirate – Everyone’s Kitty

So sad to announce the passing of a neighborhood legend – Pirate aka, Andy Panda, Shamu, Pi Pi, Pirate de Cat, Old Man, and dozens of other names, died this morning at the age of around 17 (guessing). He walked into our lives on a brutally hot summer day back in 2003 and immediately adopted us. We fell in love with this sweet little fuzz ball. Lindsay and Tim came up with his name since he “looked” like a Pirate.

Everyone loved him – even the dogs in the neighborhood (who learned to keep their distance BTW) liked Pi… dog people even commented that he was the only cat that they liked. He was way too trusting and loved to be petted by any stranger (that’s why we made sure he was always inside during Halloween and anytime fireworks were going off).

He will be deeply missed by all. ^.^


2013-07-28 09.39.48




As my daughter just texted “there will never be another Pirate – he was special”.

Peace to my little buddy. ^.^

Nicca Type 33 and the Yashica YE… Mighty Morphing Classic Cameras!

Another look at these often overlooked and underappreciated cameras.

Yashica Pentamatic Fanatic

Some background – Yashica acquired Nicca in May 1958. Nicca was well known for making high quality 35mm rangefinder cameras since the late 1940s.

Nicca cameras normally came with lenses branded as Nikkor. When the Nicca Type 33 was released in 1958, it came with a Nicca branded lens. We don’t know if Nicca was the actual lens maker or another company made the lens and Nicca had their name affixed. Either way, when Yashica took over the company the Nicca 33 was sold with the Nicca branded lens.

large nicca 33 ad Cute original advertisement from July-August 1958 for the Nicca Type 33 35mm camera and lens.

If you look closely at the ad above, you can see that the lens is marked “Nicca Camera CO.” and is a 50mm f2.8 lens. The serial number isn’t completely clear but looks like a prototype number or some sort (maybe not)… maybe 8000 or something…

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Vintage Glass – Vivitar FD 300mm f5.5 Telephoto Lens

Offered here is a very nice example of some early (1970s) Vivitar lens making.

This wonderful lens was made to some very high standards in Japan during the late 1970s. This manual focus telephoto is set up to mount to Canon (FD mount) film body cameras such as the AE-1, F-1, A-1 and the T Series of 35mm SLRs. This heavyweight lens (almost 2 pounds worth) of glass and brass was designed to compete with the best optics out there but at a reasonable price. This one owner lens is in mint new condition and functions like it too!

It’s easily adapted to most any digital camera body – this one is set to use on my Fujifilm X-A10. Of course, it’s able to use straight up on any Canon FD mount film body and most any vintage 35mm film cameras with an adapter.

It’s available for purchase from our online shop at https://www.ccstudio2380.com for a very reasonable price.

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On the Corner of Blue and Yellow


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Boxed in at the Ikea – Jacksonville 5.7.2018

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