Fujifilm Instax Wide 300 Review

I wish Yashica was still around… the ‘real’ Yashica from Japan not H.K. But they’re not so what’s a Yashica freak to do if you want to review new gear and new film formats? Well you turn to my go to camera makers (for the record; Yashica, Canon, Fujifilm)… Fuji Photo Company as they used to be known. Now just Fujifilm. I do appreciate the Fujica line of cameras and would love to own a Fujicaflex and a Fujicarex! But I wander as I often do. I’ve had my eye on the line of Instax film cameras from Fujifilm ever … Continue reading Fujifilm Instax Wide 300 Review

New Pentamatic Brochure

Recently we’ve come across a nice Yashica Pentamatic sales brochure from Germany. It looks to have been printed around early 1961 as another brochure that was with it (same style) is for the Yashica Rapide camera and it was introduced in 1961. What is surprising to me is that only two other lenses are shown in this brochure besides the standard 5.5 cm f/1.8 normal lens. Surprising because by early 1961 Yashica had at least three other lenses for the Pentamatic that we are aware of. The 35 mm f/2.8 and the 100 mm f/2.8 pictured are fantastic lenses designed … Continue reading New Pentamatic Brochure

September Photo Assignment

By Chris…     I’ve been a photographer almost my entire life… I can remember when I was eight I pleaded with my dad to let me use his camera as I was growing tired of my simple Kodak. While on a trip to California around Christmas 1961, he handed me his massive Polaroid Pathfinder Land Camera model 110… I could barely hold it let alone be able to take a picture (shown below). He showed me how to use the controls and instructed me on the proper way to hold it steady (me leaning against a tree worked fine). I don’t exactly remember … Continue reading September Photo Assignment

Yashica Tomioka f/1.2 Lenses…

Another beautiful Tomioka made f/1.2 lens has been spotted. These gorgeous lenses are things of beauty. This one appears to be in outstanding condition inside and out. They are M42 screw mount lenses so they fit a wide variety on SLRs. In our June 20, 2016 post we have a close cousin to the above lens… its serial number is 71 0102 which puts it 5 lenses before the lens pictured above! Not many out there! By the way, the yashica model number of ‘552’ indicates that the lens is a 55 mm and has a max aperture of f/1.2… … Continue reading Yashica Tomioka f/1.2 Lenses…

Fabulous Fujipet!

I know… I know… we’ve gone a bit overboard with all this “Fujipet Thing”. One post after another… posts in flickr and posts on our blog (which is supposed to be about the Pentamatic)! We just can’t get enough of our little pet. I imagine some of this has to do with the Fujipet being considered as a toy camera by many citing the plastic lens and simple operation as the basis for their statements. As best we can tell, the original idea behind the Fujipet was to design an attractive and quirky camera that would allow novice photographers to … Continue reading Fabulous Fujipet!

Fuji Petting 8 .15 .2016 / New Pet Pics!

The goal is to take our 1958 medium format camera from Fuji Photo for a little picture taking. We’ve loaded some fresh Fujifilm Neopan Acros 100 (old days Neopan SS) into the Fujipet and see how it does after 58 years of non use. We’re very curious about the “look” of the images. We’ll post them here soon! We’ll post our images here… may be a while as 120 roll film needs to be sent out to be processed. We’ve chosen a company called ‘The Darkroom’ as the place to send the film to out in California. Well as you … Continue reading Fuji Petting 8 .15 .2016 / New Pet Pics!

More Fuji Photo ‘Fujipet’…

We’re about ready to give our little Pet a work out with some fresh Fujifilm Neopan film. Probably the first time this little beauty had film in it since the 1960s! It has a fixed focus plastic lens with a focal length of 70 mm and three aperture settings… f11, 16 and 22. Shutter speeds are bulb and 1/50 of a second. She weighs in at an impressive 288 grams with film! We’ll be sure to post the images here! Many thanks for your visit! Please let us know what you think and if you want to share something with … Continue reading More Fuji Photo ‘Fujipet’…

Pentamatic Instruction Booklets

Yashica has always called their user manuals ‘instruction booklets’. Here is a sample of the front and back covers of the Pentamatic ’35’ and the Pentamatic S booklets. These are seldom seen in their proper colors and with this amount of detail. The first booklet’s design draws its inspiration from the box that the camera comes in, which is often referred to as the presentation box. Same colors and same pentaprism design. We do not have the Pentamatic II instruction booklet and would love to acquire one. If someone has a clear copy of one we would love to see … Continue reading Pentamatic Instruction Booklets

Pentamatic S

The Pentamatic ’35’ went into production starting in December 1959. Our best guess as to how many were built is just that… a guess based on body serial numbers. The original Pentamatic has a rather easy to decode serial number as it uses the year, month and sequential production number in the overall serial number. An example would be… 56003354. That serial number decodes to ‘5’ = May, ’60’ = 1960, and ‘03354’ = number 3,354 th made since December 1959. Later serial numbers for October, November and December would be 116015100 which would be ’11’ = November, ’60’ = … Continue reading Pentamatic S