Fuji DL-150 35mm Compact Camera – 1986

Released in November 1986, the Fuji DL-150 entered into a hyper crowded marketplace filled with everything from cutting edge 35mm SLRs with capable autofocus and autoexposure modes to some of the most basic point and shoot cameras ever made. We think this Fuji probably existed somewhere in the middle of the pack of simple AF compact cameras. We don’t have a handle on the price point of the DL-150 – the excellent build quality would suggest a steep list price. Since Fuji makes film, this set came supplied with a free roll of Fujicolor. It was a great way for … Continue reading Fuji DL-150 35mm Compact Camera – 1986

Fujifilm Smart Shot Deluxe – 1994

The Fujifilm Smart Shot Deluxe is one of the most basic modern cameras we have in our collection. It’s interesting to note that Fuji returned to using Fujifilm in its name with this camera vice using simply Fuji. It was released in September 1994. It’s super small (compact) and lightweight (175g) but still featured drop-in loading and motor drive. It came packaged with Fujicolor Super G Plus 400 film and the box was designed with a hang tag for sale next to their films. The shutter is fixed at 1/100th of a second and the aperture is fixed at f8. Fixed … Continue reading Fujifilm Smart Shot Deluxe – 1994

Fuji’s Pet 35 – 1959

Fuji Photo Film Company’s Pet 35 was introduced in 1959. As best as we can tell, the Pet was only available in the home market. Few nice examples exist today and even fewer with their original leather case. Here’s an example of a very popular camera for Fuji during the late 1950s and early 1960s. If you run across a nice Fuji Pet 35 don’t pass it by. They are very much a real 35mm camera with excellent qualities – a glass lens with selectable apertures and adjustable focus. We haven’t run a roll of film through it yet but … Continue reading Fuji’s Pet 35 – 1959

Yashica “J” Series of 35mm SLRs – 1960s

The Yashica ‘J’ series of 35mm SLR film cameras. Top body is the J-7, next is the J-4, then the J-5 and finally the first one in the series the J-3. These were heavyweight cameras in their day…the best (for the most part) that Yashica produced from their factory in Nagano Prefecture (Shimosuwa). Produced in 1962 to around 1967 to early 1968. The black body J-3 was Yashica’s first 35mm SLR ‘Pro Black’ camera. They were released in the following order… J-3, J-5, J-4 and J-7. These cameras feature lots of brass and glass. They also represent Yashica’s first SLRs … Continue reading Yashica “J” Series of 35mm SLRs – 1960s

Nikon D3100 – DSLR

We haven’t owned a Nikon since 1971 – and that was a Nikonos II. This pretty Nikon came to our collection as a gift from one of our son’s friends. We tried to pay him something for it but he said he was fine with giving it away since he didn’t like it and was too busy to learn how to use it. It’s now Carol’s camera since she only shoots with her Galaxy S4 most of the times we’re out and about. We told our son’s friend that he can have it back at any time if he changes … Continue reading Nikon D3100 – DSLR

Yashica’s ‘Sailor Boy’ – 1962

Yashica’s advertising figurine the ‘Sailor Boy’ first appeared in 1962 – closely associated with the launch of Yashica’s J-3 35mm single-lens reflex camera. It was made for Yashica by Modern Plastics of Japan and was produced in a variety of sizes – from a 20cm shop and dealer display model down to this little 10cm guy. This one ⇓ came to our collection from Germany and man was he a dirty guy! After some restoration work in the studio, he’s looking ⇓ much better and brighter. Made in Japan by Modern Plastics for Yashica. He’s never been given an official name … Continue reading Yashica’s ‘Sailor Boy’ – 1962