Canon T50 and T70

Overlooked 35mm SLRs from the early 1980s. They feature built-in power winders and have auto exposure too. Both cameras accept all of Canon’s FD lenses which are still available in bunches!



If you find these for sale in like-new condition and working then definitely snatch one up. They make great basic film cameras to develop your film photography skills.

These two were part of my ever-changing Canon collection over the years. I believe I sold these in 2011.

I’m always on the hunt for quality Canon, Yashica and Nikon cameras. Please feel free to contact me if you’re interested in selling yours. We are very active buyers of almost all types of photo gear. Contact us at

Thanks – C&C


More Canon stuff!


Back when I had a much larger collection of Canon Olympic stuff.


I had acquired this photographer’s vest for the 1984 Summer Olympics held in Los Angeles. This vest was unused and still in its original sealed plastic bag.


I also acquired these cool pins to go with the vest.

DSC01314 (2)

Another one of those dream accessories that I finally got my hands on but let’s face it, very few people ever used these things outside of professional photographers.


This one was still new in its original box as delivered from the factory.


A thing of beauty and quite a bit of design went into this monster.


There’s a ton of Canon Olympic collectibles out there from simple lens caps to camera straps and bags. There are three Canon 35mm SLRs with Canon Olympic logos – 1976 Montreal, 1980 Lake Placid and 1984 Los Angeles.

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