Nicca 3-F Brochure – 1957

Here is a very nice brochure for the popular Nicca 3-F (lever) 35mm rangefinder camera – a sophisticated Leica inspired camera from Japan.

Nicca 3-F Bro

An inside view of the brochure. The serial number on the camera is No. 151144

Analysis of the serial numbers indicates that about 6,000 cameras were made. This assumes that there were no breaks in production and that the numbers were assigned consecutively.

Nicca 3-F Bro Cover

The front and back cover of the brochure. Hinomaruya ひのまるや (upper left corner) was the sole distributor for Nicca in Japan – I’m not sure if they handled distribution outside of Japan.

Nicca 3-F Bro Logo

Nice assortment of available accessories for the Nicca 3-F

This brochure has survived in near mint condition – it’s obvious collectors have handled it carefully over the years.

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Yashica Ad – December 1957

A long time ago in a galaxy far… wait, the wrong theme!

ad yashica lm

Awesome ad from exactly 60 years ago! Did men really dress like this?

Typical advertisement from Yashica in the late 1950s. They were high-quality cameras at affordable prices (still are).

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