Happy SUNday! – Unopened Treasure

It’s always a blast to find a camera set that’s still new in its original box. Of course, it also creates a bit of a dilemma – should I use what is still a new camera and “ruin” its newness or should I be happy with keeping it unused and therefore in mint condition?

This, on the other hand, presents a whole different ballgame. Should I remove the outer plastic wrap and play with my new find or leave it as is – still wrapped from the factory and obviously untouched (and unused by me)?


The Fujifilm Zoom Date 135V with its Fujinon 38-135mm zoom lens was first released in the US in April 2004. In Japan, it’s known as the Silvi F135 and was listed at ¥ 29,400. It’s part of the well respected Silvi series of sophisticated compact 35mm film cameras that Fuji Photo was making as late as the mid-2000s.


This set was available at Ritz Camera as late as July 2005 and would have been competing against digital cameras and affordable megapixels.


Here’s what the camera looks like outside of the box. Tempting!



A modern classic from Fujifilm.

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Modern Classic – Fujifilm Zoom Date 140

Released around late 1999 or early 2000 – another of Fujifilm’s high zoom 35mm autofocus compact cameras. 


It’s a good looking camera that fits well in my hand. Not too small but not overly big either. Still handles like a quality point and shoot camera from the 1990s. Features a nice Fujinon zoom lens so it handles a wide range of shooting situations. Of course when it extends the lens it looks a bit goofy at 140mm but at least the motor is kinda quiet.


The Fujinon lens features 5 components, 5 elements, 38-140mm zoom f/ 7 to 13 with closest AF focusing from 0.9 meters to infinity.



Quality materials used throughout – solid construction.


Nice bright viewfinder – recessed on/off button and an easy to use zoom lever (gray thingy) for zipping through the different focal ranges.



Easy to set date modes and of course an easy to see and read LCD. Big shutter button feels good under your finger.


Easy to load and has some what looks like glass over the rear element. Nice touch.


Of course it has a self timer, auto film advance and rewind, autofocus, autoflash with red-eye reduction and DX coding from ISO 50-3200. Uses the still easy to find CR123A lithium battery. Weighs 240 grams without the battery.


Comes with a roll of Fujicolor Superia film – expired in 2002.

Should you collect these plastic fantastic P&S compact 35mm cameras from the 2000s? Yes of course – if you can find one still new in the box, why not? They don’t make them anymore and if you’re looking to find a good 35mm film camera as a user, this one has enough features and a quality zoom to handle most demanding shooting situations.

This set can be viewed at our online store, CC’s Studio Twenty-3 Eighty at http://www.ccstudio2380.com if you’re interested.

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