Not what I expected…

Sometimes cameras that I purchase from online auction sites simply blow me away with the overall quality of the item. Sellers that tend to understate the condition of their gear and then deliver something unexpected (“looks good” is really “like new”). Occasionally cameras arrive and my reaction is just the opposite. But I have a wide range of acceptance because I look closely at the pictures of the item in the listing and ask questions when I’m not sure of something. No one likes bad surprises.

One area that I’m completely inflexible on is previous owner’s initials etched, carved, or engraved into the camera body or lens. If I’m told about it and shown a picture of it that’s fine – I can decide if I still want that piece of gear before I bid on it. Often an etching will be on a part of the camera that’s replaceable like the baseplate or even the film door.

Here’s an example of undisclosed damage from an engraving. I received this camera yesterday and it was described as looking like it was unused in the listing. I guess in fairness to the seller a camera can have an engraving and still technically be “unused”. Not in this instance, however.


This engraving is on the camera’s right side near where the strap would go. That side was not shown in the listing photos. Go figure. If you look closely you’ll also see a hairline crack in the plastic just to the left of the “J”. The camera it turns out was very well used (or very well abused).

No worries, the camera is on its way back to the seller and they’ve promised a full refund. If the seller simply didn’t catch that there was an etched name or social security number, or driver’s license number (I’ve received all three on one camera before!) then I understand. But when it’s this obvious and you don’t mention it why bother going through the motions of sending it? Oh well.

Thanks for stopping by! Oh by the way, if you’re looking for accurately described and well taken care of cameras and photo gear, then a visit to my camera shop just might be the place to start. You can find my shop at (Etsy Pattern site). Everything I sell is from either my personal collection of gear or locally sourced cameras. Carol and I are always on the lookout for interesting gear so if you’ve got something you’re interested in selling please drop us a line and tell us what you have. We may be looking for that exact item to add to our collection.


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In the Shop – Fuji Smart Shot 35mm Camera Kit – Light Blue

In the shop today I’ve added a rather hard to find light blue version of this popular and fun Fuji camera. The Fuji Smart Shot was released in April 1994 for a selling price in Japan of ¥3,800

You can purchase this still new in its original box camera directly from here on this post by clicking on the PayPal button or over in my shop at

Fuji Light Blue Smart Shot 35mm Compact Film Camera Kit with Fujinon f/8 35mm Lens, Film, Battery, Strap, Instructions

Super hard to find still new in its box, this Fuji light blue version of this popular and fun to use Fuji is unused and in mint condition. It comes complete with its original box (with packaging materials), an unused nylon strap, the instruction sheet, a roll of expired (07/2010) Fujicolor 100 film, and a new Fujifilm AA battery. The camera has been tested and works perfectly. I’ll ship this in the USA for FREE via USPS First Class Mail and worldwide with some exceptions – please ask for a quote first. Thanks, Chris


Fuji Discovery 900 Zoom Plus

Another listing from my online shop at, or it can be purchased “straight away” here in this post. I’m offering at a special discount here for my readers and followers. Pop on over to the shop for the details and then come back and buy it here. Thanks, Chris

Just SOLD! Thank you!

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NEW Fuji Discovery 900 Zoom Plus Compact 35mm Camera

New in its original box and straight from our collection of these "modern classics" is this wonderful (and quite sophisticated) compact point and shoot 35mm film camera from those talented folks at Fuji Photo. This one is a special presentation camera from 1993. I've completely tested it just short of running a roll of film through it, and because its still "new in the box" everything tested out just fine. These fun cameras are getting really hard to find still new so here's your chance to pretend it's the 1990s again. I'll ship almost anywhere in the world that has tracking to your door. Just ask me for a shipping quote before you hit the "BUY" button. Shipping in the US is a flat $10.95 for USPS Priority Mail. Thanks, Chris


Canon AE-1 Program


Canon AE-1 Program 35mm SLR Film Camera

Canon AE-1 Program in super clean and fully working condition - a one owner camera (mine) since 1981. It will include a battery and a roll of Fujifilm Fujicolor 100 film (ex 07/2010). The AE-1 P is one of Canon's easiest to use compact 35mm film cameras. This SLR features full manual mode, shutter and aperture priority modes and full program (automatic) mode. Simply compose, focus and shoot! It accepts all Canon FD lenses (which is a bunch!) I'll mail this most anywhere in the world - please contact me for a quote. In the USA a flat $10.00 gets you USPS Priority Mail with insurance and a tracking number.



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Thanks, Chris

Minolta SR-T 101 from 1969

We’ve got a wonderful vintage classic from Minolta – the venerable SR-T 101. Actually, quite a groundbreaking camera back in its day with many never before seen features and functions. This one was purchased by a young man serving in the U.S. Army in South Vietnam in 1969.

It was a combat camera having flown with him on several missions aboard a helicopter over the Mekong Delta region. He told me that he purchased it almost as soon as he arrived in country at a Post Exchange in Saigon. Despite its exciting beginnings, it’s made it to today with no dents and only a few bright spots in the satin chrome finish. It’s a fully mechanical camera – the shutter operates independently of a battery from Bulb to 1/1000 of a second. A battery is only needed to operate the TTL meter.

DSCF7594 logo

This good-looking Minolta has received a complete inspection and has been meticulously cleaned inside and out by me. I tested it with a fresh 1.5v alkaline battery and the light meter works just fine. It will be off by about 1/2 to 1 full stop but when shooting with negative film the wide exposure latitude of film usually makes any exposure differences unnoticeable.

That’s a “fresh” roll of expired Fujicolor film (from 2010) and the original soft body cap from Minolta. For more details and to see additional pictures of it, visit our online store at

Or you can purchase it directly from here – I’ll ship nearly worldwide. Please drop me a line for a shipping quote to your country. In the USA, I will ship it USPS Priority Mail for only $6.00  Just click on the “Pay with PayPal” button below.

Many thanks for stopping by! Chris

Minolta SR-T 101 35mm Film Camera

Vintage (100% fully working) 35mm SLR from Minolta - the SR-T 101


Hi! Mickey Mouse Camera

Our super cool Hi! Mickey Mouse camera from Fujifilm.


Carol made a cute custom camera case for the Fujifilm Hi! Mickey Mouse camera.



You can find this and many other interesting cameras in our online store at

We’d love to see you there!

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Tower Bridge – London 1987

Interesting view of the Tower Bridge on a horrible weather day (for photographing with Kodacolor) – September 1987


Adjusted a bit warmer (tone).

Canon F-1 with Canon FD 80-200mm f/ 4 zoom lens (at 200mm) on Kodak Kodacolor film.

Scanned original 4×6 Kodacolor prints on Canon CanoScan 9000F Mark II.


Adjusted a bit on the cool side.

I don’t normally convert color images to black and white but these lacked any real colors so I decided to strip away what little traces of color there were. Improved?

IMG_20171021_0009 bw

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Please respect that all content, including photos and text are property of this blog and its owner, Yashica Pentamatic Fanatic, Yashica Sailor Boy, Yashica Chris.

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Station (Victoria) Hotel – London 1987

Super nice B&B back in the day – Vauxhall Bridge Road, Westminster. Just what some tired US Sailors needed after a long day touring.


Canon F-1 with Canon FD 24mm f/ 2.8 lens on Kodacolor. Yes, the hotel was pink(ish).

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Please respect that all content, including photos and text are property of this blog and its owner, Yashica Pentamatic Fanatic, Yashica Sailor Boy, Yashica Chris.

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Fuji Fail-ed… Discovery S700 Zoom Date

It was bound to happen. One klunker out of a bunch of good ones isn’t bad. We think it isn’t so much a bad build as possibly improperly stored… maybe.


Another in the long line of plastic fantastic Fujifilm cameras from the late 1990s.

Part of the Discovery series of compact 35mm point and shoots from Fuji Photo Film. This one came to us still new in the box, unused but maybe stored in a too hot environment. Some of the plastic bag protecting the camera became stuck to the back film door (see below). This one is, using a nautical term, dead in the water. Despite a new battery, the camera won’t fire the flash and the shutter works intermittently or not at all. The power zoom works but beyond that, nothing else. Possibly a short in the circuitry caused by the hot storage (pure speculation).


Sticky residue on the film door from the factory plastic bag. So far it’s resisted all attempts at cleaning it off.

When the battery was first inserted for the date mode, this is the programmed date that popped up. We’re thinking it may be the build year. Why not?


Talking about the date mode battery, what a pain to change it! Number one, it’s not even mentioned in the owner’s manual for starters. It takes a CR2025 3V lithium button battery but it wasn’t mentioned. Take a peek at what it takes to get at it… ⇓


Remove 6 screws and the film pressure plate, the battery cover and then peel up 2 felt light seals!


That baby was buried and stuck down with the light seals!


Back together.

Anyway, it’s a good looking camera and may have been fun to use.



Oh and the remote control (below), no mention of that battery either.


Another CR2025 button battery.


We’ve had great results with our other Fujifilm Discovery series cameras in the past. No reason to believe the series is not worthy of a look. Having said that, this is a new camera that’s never been used and still failed – but that’s why there’s warranties.


Quick specs: Lens Fujinon 35-70mm electronic zoom, 5 elements in 5 groups. DX coded for ISO 100/400. Continuous shooting at 1 frame per second. Weight 235 grams with battery and data back.

Can we recommend the S700 Zoom Date? Well no. There are much better models out there from Fuji. Stick with the longer zoom models still built in Japan.

Thanks for your visit! Comments always welcome.

Studio Camera: Fujifilm FinePix S9900W



Yashica Arrivals – Pentamatic S & 635

As if the collection needed more Yashica anything – but collections are dynamic things and as such, something “new” arrives which paves the way for a duplicate(s) to go.

Although we have some very nice Pentamatic-S models in the family, this one is close to mint new and is in fully working condition (including the “no name” exposure meter). So we’ll take a hard look at the others and decide which will be listed for sale in our online store.

The Yashica-635 is another story.

The first one we acquired (about a year ago) looked perfect – new in fact – but it had a fatal flaw – the shutter was jammed because the “M-X” lever was in the wrong position when someone tried to use the self-timer. That one was sold for parts. This one came to us from England and was likely purchased new in Singapore in the late 1950s. A guess on our part but there’s a cleaning cloth with it from a camera store in Changi Village, Singapore which was located right outside the gates of the RAF Changi airbase. This 635 is super clean and works! It even came with the hard to find large Yashica-635 carry case in excellent condition. We can’t wait to try the 35mm feature on it.



The Yashica-635 is a dual format TLR which was released in 1958 (this model) and the Yashica Pentamatic-S came out in early 1961 – possibly January (this one September 1961).



Much more to come on the Yashica-635. We hope to restore the large leather carry case that came with it and we’ll do a complete feature on the dual formats. The ability to shoot 12 6x6cm negatives with 120 roll film and with a few easy change outs inside, switch to shooting a roll of 35mm film with the same camera. Cool.

Thanks for stopping by!

Studio Camera: Fujifilm FinePix S9900W