Pentamatic vs. Pentamatic S – Yashica’s Heavyweights

It’s time to revisit this post as it introduces new readers to the “wonders” of the Pentamatic series of SLRs from Yashica. Chris

Yashica Pentamatic Fanatic

The Pentamatic was Yashica’s first single-lens reflex (SLR) and was released in 1960 (May-June) timeframe. The Pentamatic S was released about mid to late 1961. Not much changed between the two – the S model added a built-in self-timer and most notably, a provision for mounting an exposure meter to the top right of the camera that coupled with the shutter speed dial. Other small changes were to add lugs for holding the neck strap (moving them from the extreme right and left sides of the body on the Pentamatic to a more typical front mounting on the S). Unseen from the exterior is a change to the focusing screen inside the pentaprism. The original fresnel screen in the Pentamatic was replaced with a split image screen in the model S. For me, that change makes the Pentamatic S much easier to focus and improves the brightness inside the viewfinder.

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Beauty and the Beast

The Canon New F-1 and New F-1 AE ’84 Olympic



The Canon New F-1 which was released in late 1981 replaced the original F-1 which made its appearance in 1971. This latest F-1 was a radical step forward for Canon’s professional camera as it incorporated many features into the camera that were previously only available as an accessory. The 1985 Los Angeles Olympics model followed in line with previous Olympic editions – 1976 Montreal and the 1980 Lake Placid.

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Minolta SR-T 102 (Super)

I have a very nice (super clean) and fully working Minolta SR-T 102 35mm film camera set available for purchase in my shop at

A little bit about this set. I believe the camera is from 1974 (I purchased it from the original owner) and it was her dream camera back in the day. It’s been around the world a few times as she is now a professional photographer. I’ve thoroughly inspected it, tested it and detailed every square millimeter of it and it’s ready to begin its next life.

The lens that is attached is an Access branded (made by Kobori Optical of Japan) 28-70mm f2.8 zoom lens which of course has the Minolta MD and MC mount. The lens is also super clean, the zoom is silky smooth and the focus is bright and spot on. The optics are totally free of any distracting marks – no fungus, no mold, no cleaning marks and except for a few stray specs of dust looks mint. The aperture blades are oil free and snappy and the lens mounts to the body securely.

The Access polarizing filter is in mint condition and the UV filter is nice as well and has been on this lens since new. The camera does have a small dent on the left side of the top plate and as was common in the 1970s she etched her Colorado DL number in the base plate. The camera takes the very easy to find (and affordable) 625 3v battery which powers the TTL meter (accurate).

Pop on over to the shop if you’re interested – I’ll ship it pretty much worldwide.



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Yashica TL Electro-x

One of the best cameras that Yashica made – in 1968 Yashica produced an exciting 35 mm SLR with a built-in computer! Well, integrated circuits and an electronic “brain”.

It was my first SLR and I fell in love with its looks and the feel of it in my hands. This one is from my rather silly large collection of Yashica cameras and I’ve decided to make it available in my online shop at

This one is from around 1970 and besides being in stunning mint condition it works like new!

dscf8890 logo

Gotta love the gothic “Y” on the pentaprism – pure Yashica!



The battery for this camera is still readily available today and isn’t very expensive.


I’ve always felt that the satin silver finish on this model was the best – it holds up well and it’s easy to keep clean.

The camera will come with a fresh (new) battery, the original leather case, an unopened vinyl strap, a roll of Fujicolor film and an instruction booklet. The beauty of this Yashica is that it accepts a wide array of M42 screw mount lenses which are available everywhere for very fair prices.

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Studio camera – Fujifilm X-A10 with a Fujinon Aspherical Lens – Super EBC XC 16-50mm f3.5 OIS II

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Time Capsule – 1960

yashica pentamatic set

A nice example of Yashica’s first 35mm SLR – the Pentamatic. Also known as the Pentamatic ’35’. This camera is from August 1960 – the same month that Yashica started production of the Pentamatic II – a model that was destined for the Japanese home market and not for world export. It’s my contention that the original Pentamatic was not available in Japan and that it was initially available only as an export model. By 1961 however, Yashica realized that the Pentamatic was not doing well anywhere so the decision was made to release the Pentamatic (original model) in Japan alongside the Pentamatic II. Odd marketing but that was how Yashica operated – oddly.

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Fujicarex II by Fuji Photo Film Co., Ltd.

Unique – Odd – Quirky – Ugly – Gorgeous – Cool – Modern – Sexy – Sophisticated – Clunky – a failure?

Fuji Photo Film Co., Ltd. – Tokyo 

Fuji’s first 35mm SLR

Originally released as the Fujicarex in 1962 and sold only in Japan (it listed for ¥25,000). An updated model was released in the United States in July 1964 (in Chicago) as the Fujicarex SLR 35 and for other overseas markets as the Fujicarex II. It listed for around $150 USD without a case. It came with a Fujinon-S f/1.9 5cm lens with an additional f/4 35mm wide angle lens and a f/2.8 80mm portrait lens available.

Billed (advertised) as the “World’s easiest-to-use SLR 35mm camera” – Electric Eye with Cluster Control!

What do you think of its design?

DSCF7818 logo

DSCF7823 logo 1

DSCF7826 logo 2

DSCF7830 logo 3

According to a very reliable Japanese source, the Fujicarex II was available in Japan as a replacement to the original model and that the model II was destined for other overseas markets beyond the U.S. (like Europe). This would lead one to believe that the Fujicarex SLR 35 was only available in America. I haven’t been able to verify that as I’ve never seen the “plain” Fujicarex logo.

So was it a failure? Well, it got Fuji Photo moving in the right direction but I think overall it was just overdesigned and a bit hard to use. A bit like the Yashica Pentamatics – neat cameras that didn’t catch on. From what I understand it was only sold for about three years or so. The next 35mm SLR from Fuji didn’t appear until 1971.

No matter what, this unique camera is seldom seen in today’s collector marketplaces. It would make a wonderful addition to any vintage Japanese SLR collection since it was Fuji’s first SLR. Thanks for stopping by!


fujicarex plain

I’m thinking that this is the original Fujicarex logo (close to the cold shoe).

fujicarex us.

This should be the U.S. Fujicarex SLR 35 as there isn’t the “II” under the “Fujicarex”.



Nikon’s Little Gem – the EM

It doesn’t get any simpler than this – Nikon’s little gem, the Nikon EM. This one is mated with a sweet Series E 28mm f2.8 wide angle lens. If you like compact easy to use 35mm SLRs then you’ll love this guy!

nikon em logo

This lovely set is available directly from our online store at for a very reasonable price. It’s a one owner camera that’s been gently used over the years. I’ve inspected it, tested it (fresh batteries included), and lightly cleaned it. Oh, and the old sticky foam light seals have been removed. You get to install new ones – easy to do and readily available.

***SOLD! One hour after listing it! Thank you!

nikon em 2 logo

Per the Nikon EM owner’s booklet, here’s a list of the Nikon and Nikkor lenses that will work with the EM. Chances are you already own one or more of these lenses. I’ve included the Series E 28mm f2.8 with this camera (notice that it’s not on the list) as it came out shortly after the EM was released.

nikon lenses

Of course, opinions are all over the map concerning this camera from not worth it to love it. Die-hard Nikonites hated it when it came out (1979-1982) but some people loved it because they finally had an affordable platform for their Nikkor lenses. The EM is an aperture priority camera – you pick the f-stop and the camera picks the shutter speed. I know, some people hate that but if you use 400 films in daylight seldom will you run into problems.

Streetfighter! Do you like street photography? Throw in some Neopan Acros, set the wide angle lens on infinity and select f8 or f11 and snap away! It’s small, lightweight, black, and quiet – perfect for the streets!

Well, there you have it – a neat little Nikon that won’t break the bank. You’ll get everything pictured so there’s lots of little bonus goodies included. Pop on over to and give it a spin. You may see something else to your liking.

Thank you!


Nikon F from 1971

We are pleased to offer this wonderful Nikon F for purchase. It’s a one owner camera (bought new in Chicago). It has never been offered for sale before. The serial number is SN 7293919 which establishes a production date between October 1971 and February 1972.

The camera is in mint condition – just a bit off from a mint new condition. It has been very gently used with probably no more than 20 rolls of film ever run through it (that’s likely way high). If you’ve ever wanted to own the legendary Nikon F, then here’s your chance. Everything works as it should and quite simply put this camera is stunningly beautiful!

Nikon F 35mm SLR Film Camera

Simply one of the best SLRs – ever. It’s in mint condition with only the slightest traces of past use. It comes from a one owner home that has a smoke and pet free environment. This camera is ready to roll – just add your favorite film, attach your favorite lens and go create! The Nikon F is a fully mechanical camera – no battery needed so there’s no built-in TTL exposure metering – pure old school shooting. Contact me for a shipping quote to your location. It must be shipped via accountable means with door to door tracking with signature and insurance. With that said I’m sure we can work out a very affordable shipping option for you. Don’t let this opportunity to own this wonderful camera slip through your hands. Additional pictures are available at (it can be purchased in our Etsy shop if you would like). Thanks, Chris


DSCF7401 nikon f logo 1


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