forgotton hammer


Forgotten tool from an abandoned project – as seen through a window that I had installed a long time ago on tile carefully set by me. This was once our house – it was completely reconstructed over the 8 years we lived there. Then sold. Subsequent owners and renters left the house in ruins. A visit back saw the house gutted and lost.


Brass numbers hang neglected – a haven for spiders. I shaped that cedar plaque and affixed those numbers.


A sad sight for us. It was once nearly perfect. Time takes its toll.


Our garden shed was once bright and filled with plants and potting supplies. The grass was perfect and lovely boardwalks connected the shed to the main deck and garage. Weeds and wasps now.

But a new owner took on the challenge – just as we did in 1981. We thought it was nothing more than a tear down – but it’s new life for 818. Joy to see!


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Abandoned for decades and hidden from view in a remote location,¬†this window remains as it was when the shop was still in use (a bit faded and dirty but intact). I’m fascinated with this lovely painted sign. Usually glass is the first victim of vandals followed by graffiti – this wonderful old building hasn’t suffered from either.



Thanks so much for you visit. The top image was with my Fujifilm FinePix S9900W and the bottom shot was with my Samsung Galaxy S4.


Cool Signs


As seen on an abandoned souvenir shop along a Florida highway. At first glance I thought that they sold film and what not as they were the first stop in extreme Northeast Florida for southbound tourists. Cold drinks, smokes, candy, stuffed gators and Florida junk like that. But I got to thinking that it might have meant films as in movie films. This building was left to rot many decades ago and right next door is a closed motel on the same property. Some locals say that the souvenier shop showed movies from time to time for the guests at the motel and some of the bored to death locals. Makes sense as it was in the middle of nowhere and back in the 1960s or earlier that would be a draw.


Anyway, cool old faded signage regardless of what went on. ^.^

Camera: Fujifilm FinePix S9900W, Samsung Galaxy S4


The Forgotten Door

Useful no longer but still standing.¬†Thousands of hands have felt its cool metal – dozens of repairs and maybe not enough layers of paint have left the door exposed to Florida’s harsh environment. But it provides interesting points of view for the photographer and beckons further exploration. Weathered wood, peeling paint, broken glass and faded curtains add to the door’s appeal.


A once red door in a yellow building.


Peeling paint exposes old repairs and hastens the doors demize.



Hanging on by a thread. The strong Florida sun takes its toll.

Camera: Fujifilm FinePix S9900W and Samsung Galaxy S4

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Fading Florida…

Closed and forgotten long ago when the super highway passed it by. Abandoned and neglected. Sun bleached, baked and peeling Рrust overwhelms then destroys. Plants invade, cracks widen, water seeps in. Rot and mold Рbugs and rodents. Soon to collapse Рno restoration Рforest takes over.




Camera: Samsung Galaxy S4

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