Another Yashica Sailor Boy

Here’s another look at this post about Yashica’s Sailor Boy.

Yashica Pentamatic Fanatic

Those of you who follow this blog know that our main collecting passion lies with most everything from Yashica. The Yashica TL Electro X was my first 35mm SLR and since then my collection of all things Yashica has grown substantially.


On the left is the original Yashica Sailor Boy (1962) – to the right is the Wee Willie Winkie version from around 1966 or so. Yashica has never officially named these guys so we’re assigning them names just to make identification easier.

Recently this version popped up for sale in Japan and although we didn’t purchase him I’d like to at least show another side of this collectible figurine.

YSB 35

All three of these versions were made in Japan by Modern Plastics during the 1960s. The football guy wearing number 35 was more than likely promoting Yashica’s line of 35mm cameras but little else is know about him. He is…

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Yashica’s ‘Sailor Boy – Christmas Elf’?

We’re super lucky to have run across a rather hard to find Sailor Boy – this one came to our attention from a visitor to our blog – then through eBay by way of South Africa to Florida! Welcome home, little guy!


This unique version of Sailor Boy – complete with his Yashica 35mm camera.


Cousins, not brothers. The only thing missing on our little guy is his green decal which should be on the front of his hat.


Sailor Boy convention. The new guy cleaned up nicely. A little bit of warm soapy water and a soft brush and he’s good as new!


Made in Japan is about all we know at this point. We’re not even sure about when he was made.


Cool shoes – but are they “elf” shoes?

More about the history and variations of Yashica’s advertising figurine soon. As always, feel free to share your Sailor Boys with us – we’re looking to add to our collection with new versions of this cute guy.


Chris and Carol