USS Midway (CV-41) – Anchored off the coast of Perth, WA – 1977

The great United States Ship Midway anchored off the coast of Western Australia near Fremantle (just south of Perth). September 1977 during a 5-day liberty port visit by the Midway and Air Wing 5 (CVW5).


Starboard side forward – note the small ferry that is tied up alongside the ship waiting to take crew members ashore. The coast is just visible on the distant horizon. That’s the A-3 “Whale” just forward of the island and an A-6 Intruder just aft of the island.


Starboard side aft with F-4 Phantoms on the flight deck.

Camera: Yashica TL Electro-X on Kodacolor

Of note, these original prints were damaged by seawater and these are the best scans I could salvage until I rescue the negatives.


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Ready on the Flight Deck – USS Midway

On board the USS Midway (CV-41) in the East China Sea 1979. Preparing for early morning flight operations (FLT OPS). Planes to wash, jets to fuel, pilots to brief and missiles to load. 24/7 sometimes.


H-3 Sea King helicopter and F-4 Phantom fighter at sunrise.


Missiles waiting to be loaded.


F-4 canopy opened and ready for the day.


A-7 Corsair spotted just forward of the island near elevator 1. F-4 in distant background left. A-6 just to the right of the A-7.

The USS Midway (CV-41)

Commissioned 1945… the hull was built from the plans of the next generation battleship.

Decommissioned 1992… no other carrier served longer.

Was the largest ship in the world from 1945 to 1955. Fantastic museum in San Diego now. One of the best Naval museums anywhere!

Camera: Canon F-1

East China Sea Sunrise

Sunrise and showers as viewed from the flight deck of the aircraft carrier USS Midway (CV-41) while conducting flight ops in the East China Sea in late 1979. Sometimes, the loneliness of life at sea can be rewarded – however briefly. Standing there in the predawn hours waiting for the tropical night to end – a dissipating rain shower on the horizon adds a bit of drama to the sunrise and the photographers night is done.


The sun touches the clouds and the tropical shower has all but dissipated. A distant ship (part of our Task Group) can be seen on the horizon’s center.


Flight Deck personnel clean their aircraft for the days activities. US Navy Sea King helicopter (on the right) from HC-1 and a F-4J Phantom jet awaits its next sortie.


The cumulonimbus cloud drops its precipitation into the warm sea.

Camera: Canon F-1 (1978 version) with Canon FD 24mm f2.8 lens on Kodak Kodachrome.

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Rescue crewman’s fireproof helmet. USS Midway (CV-41), underway from Yokosuka, Japan in the South China Sea. 1978

No post production. As captured and composed.

Camera: Canon F-1 (1978 version)  Kodak Kodachrome 25  Canon FD 80-200mm f4 @ 4 sec