Wonderful Poster – Boomerang Beach, NSW, Australia

boomerang beach nsw

Artist is identified as Hayes – a beautiful bit of travel art from the 1950s. It looks like Boomerang Beach modified it for their own use.

Here’s the original version as it must have been used originally for BOAC and Qantas.

boac poster

If you know more about either the British or Australian artist Hayes I’d love to see more of their work.

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Art is Art – Even at the Outback

As the title implies, art is art no matter where you find it. Art is appreciated only when you invest time to notice it. Here are a few “common” bits of art that you may (or may not) have seen while dining at the Outback. It’s actually quite good. Amazing colors! Hats off to the artists!

20180424_152255 logo

20180424_152406 logo

20180424_152206 logo

20180424_152521 logo

Disclaimer – No free Bloomin’ Onions (rats!) were offered for this post. ^.^

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