The ‘Best Of’ 2018 – the most favored pics on my Flickr page

I guess it’s required to do some type of “best of” as the New Year approaches so here’s my take on it. I thought about picking my own favorites from the year but that’s too hard – so I decided to let my Flickr friends do it for me. The following images garnered the most “favorites” during the year but not necessarily the most views. Thanks to all of the followers of my blog here on WordPress – I enjoy reading your posts and I especially enjoy your comments. Peace and Happiness in the New Year! – Chris

My Flickr page can be found here

These are in no particular order and it’s obvious that I take a bunch of pics of cameras! Do you have a favorite? Please let me know in the comments section – thank you!
























My favorite pic of me because it was taken by my lovely wife Carol.

20131020_174635 me2

Thanks so much for stopping by! Have a fantastic 2019 and beyond!!! – Chris

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Yashica Half 17 – by Camera Go Camera

Always interesting camera and equipment reviews with excellent photography to boot!

Camera Go Camera

When I saw this camera, I thought…REALLY??? A Yashica half frame? I hate half-frames, but I love Yashicas. Should I buy it? It isn’t cheap for a junk bin chance, but it is clean and a Yashica…OK, I will do it.

According to this reviewer it was produced in 1964. As you can see it has a selenium cell light meter and a f1.7 lens. It has zone focusing with an image scale inside the viewfinder that has the regular mountain, people, person symbols. On the right side of the view finder is a needle scale that tells you the speed. So you can choose the aperture and check what speed will be selected by the camera. Or everything can be automatic. When you press the shutter button half way, the needle moves…and this one did, which let me know the selenium cell was working 🙂 A good sign. Here…

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Thank You!

Carol and I would just like to say thank you to everyone who’s stopped by our blog over these past 2 years! It’s been a pleasure sharing our little bits of knowledge with you all and what a joy it is to read your wonderful posts!


Die hard Mets fans and lifelong photographers – Chris and Carol.

What’s been reaffirmed for us is that the world isn’t falling apart – that it isn’t filled with just hateful people with horrible agendas. Caring people are everywhere…

Positive thoughts and actions, kindness, sincerity and charity to those less fortunate leads to true happiness in life (a loving partner helps to). An endless supply of old cameras to play with doesn’t hurt either!

To the amazing people who follow us, we hope we add a bit of fun to your day and maybe we’ve turned you onto an old Yashica or two along the way! The number of visits our blog gets from around the world just blows us away! It would be easier to list the countries that haven’t visited yet rather than the ones that have.

To the people we follow – thanks for sharing your knowledge with us and the rest of the blogging world! We’ve learned so much from your posts and marvel at the images in your blogs. Inspirational to say the least!

Thank you! Thank you! 

Chris and Carol ^.^