Camera Manuals & Brochures – excellent reference sources

Hi all! Carol and I enjoy collecting classic camera instruction books and sales brochures as it’s a great way to connect with photo gear that has captured our interest over the years. We especially enjoy collecting booklets that are still in mint and like-new condition… but we find ourselves with enough books to open a library so we’ll be offering some of these in our camera shop at over the next few days (and weeks). If you’re looking to add one of these hard to find items (in new condition) for your collection, now’s the time.









Thanks for stopping by! These books and brochures are available in our camera shop at If they’re something you need and you don’t see it be sure to ask us – we might have just have it! – Chris & Carol

Canon T50 and T70

Overlooked 35mm SLRs from the early 1980s. They feature built-in power winders and have auto exposure too. Both cameras accept all of Canon’s FD lenses which are still available in bunches!



If you find these for sale in like-new condition and working then definitely snatch one up. They make great basic film cameras to develop your film photography skills.

These two were part of my ever-changing Canon collection over the years. I believe I sold these in 2011.

I’m always on the hunt for quality Canon, Yashica and Nikon cameras. Please feel free to contact me if you’re interested in selling yours. We are very active buyers of almost all types of photo gear. Contact us at

Thanks – C&C

Studio Sunday – Fujifilm X-Series

We recently found a slightly used Fujifilm X-A10 mirrorless camera with the APS-C sensor (without lens) on eBay for a very good price. Our goal was to use it, with an adapter, with some of our vintage Canon FD lenses in the studio. 

We couldn’t be happier with the results – the adapter (FotodioX PRO) is solidly built and fits both the Canon lenses and the Fuji body nicely.


Our favorite lens in the studio at the moment is our Canon FD 24mm f2.8 SSC lens that we purchased in Japan in 1978. It is our “go-to” lens for film photography and it stands to reason that it would work out in the studio as well. With the APS-C sensor on the Fujifilm X-A10, the 24mm focal length is a 36mm equivalent so we get the nice wide view close-up we love.





In the two images above, the difference in the depth-of-field between f16 and f2.8 is dramatic – in the lower image the DOF is about 2 inches! The front of the lens is in sharp focus while the camera body is out of focus. Focussing is critical.




The Yashica is the rather rare (outside of Japan) model A-III in gray on gray from 1959.

If you can find the X-A10 (body only) it makes the perfect poor man’s mirrorless set-up. 16.3 MP and the APS-C sensor is well suited for general photography and works extremely well in the studio.

Thanks for your visit and Happy SUNday y’all.