Studio Fun


Our first subjects in our studio (more than a few years ago)… some of our children’s toys – actually their favorites! Tim’s was Ash and Pikachu and Lindsay’s was Sailor Jupiter.


Digital pop! HDR x 10




We didn’t have room for a proper studio – portraits of people and pets, but a nice corner in our sun room became our tabletop studio and playground. Mostly product pics and of course the endless stream of camera pics.


Bubbles into the light…


Carol’s beads…


More bubbles…


Ash takes over the studio…


Through the camera shop window… Tokyo Olympics 1964


The Dark Knight… 1954 Yashima Flex


Industrial art…


My old phone…


Yummy treats from Japan.

Not much really. Simple everyday items that struck our fancy. Nothing taken at 24MP – Sony Cybershot, Fujifilm FinePix and of course the trusty Samsung Galaxy S4.

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Chris and Carol ^.^

A beautiful sight…

Nothing like a fresh roll of film in your camera. The possibilities are endless – the results, well I’ll have to wait a week for those. Could be the reason digital became so popular so quickly. Could be why people still load cameras with instant film.


Some Fujicolor Pro 400H color negative film.

It’s a beautiful sight…

Thanks for your visit! Now load up some film!


A little Fujicolor to brighten our day!

I’ve always been a fan of Kodak film. Living in the United States it was hard to find anything else to buy at the corner stores – even in New York. Every now and again I’d pick up a roll of Fujifilm and was always impressed with the results.  I’ve always liked the little green boxes too… they catch my eye.

While our main collecting focus has been Yashima-Yashica cameras and gear, there’s always been a little offshoot into the world of Fuji. Partly because we lived in Japan – Yokohama to be exact, and Fujifilm was more available and there were labs nearby to process the film. Kodak processing was via handy but slow mail back to Palo Alto, California if I remember correctly.

So on this end of the week Friday, we thought a little Fujicolor was in order.


We’re thinking of a color. Can you guess?

The 12 exposure Fujicolor 100 rolls are all expired (2010) but they usually produce good results if you treat them like they’re ASA50. The Acros 100 is a fresh roll and you can’t beat it for good looking black and white prints. The little XP100 is our go to all weather camera. It has a bright screen (for the beach) and is great in the surf for some wave pics. 1080p video and stereo sound too.

We’ve added a nice Fujica ST701 and Fujipet to our collection but I think were done. Oh, I almost forgot – my primary digital camera is a Fujifilm FinePix S9900W so that’s another Fuji. Oh and I bought my daughter a Fujifilm XP too. Okay, but that’s it. No more Fuji Photo Film Company cameras for us die hard Yashica fans. Well except for a nice Fujicaflex TLR, and the Fuji Photo GS6x9 sure looks great. I’d better stop now!

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Chris & Carol