The ‘Best Of’ 2018 – the most favored pics on my Flickr page

I guess it’s required to do some type of “best of” as the New Year approaches so here’s my take on it. I thought about picking my own favorites from the year but that’s too hard – so I decided to let my Flickr friends do it for me. The following images garnered the most “favorites” during the year but not necessarily the most views. Thanks to all of the followers of my blog here on WordPress – I enjoy reading your posts and I especially enjoy your comments. Peace and Happiness in the New Year! – Chris

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These are in no particular order and it’s obvious that I take a bunch of pics of cameras! Do you have a favorite? Please let me know in the comments section – thank you!
























My favorite pic of me because it was taken by my lovely wife Carol.

20131020_174635 me2

Thanks so much for stopping by! Have a fantastic 2019 and beyond!!! – Chris

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Yashica LM -1956

Made by Yashima Optical – my first model LM

yashica lm first logo

This Yashica LM was the first camera that I posted on my Flickr site back in December 2013

yashica lm first 1 logo

The selenium cells were hidden under the nameplate – it was a highly accurate light meter

Yashica LM twin-lens reflex (TLR) 6×6 cm medium format film camera. This is one of my most favorite TLRs from Yashica. It features a built-in light meter (LM) and sharp Tomioka made lenses.

These two images were the first two that I posted on my Flickr site back in 2013. I was fond of using two different backgrounds – a dark blue (pictured above) and a softer light blue. I use a stark white background now but I’m getting a bit tired of it. I may go back to using a light blue (see below).

yashica sb logo

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Funny Flickr

You just never know which images will “take off” on Flickr. Sometimes you think that you’ve nailed a shot only to see it fall flat. I was pleasantly surprised this morning to find out that one of my pictures (below) was invited to be in Flickr’s “in explore” group. Cool beans!

DSCF7697 logo

It’s far from my best ever studio shots of my camera collection but I bet that the popularity of this image has something to do with the popularity of the camera.

“This camera is actually quite famous – back in its day it was considered a groundbreaker in the 35mm SLR autofocus “world”. This one has led a very gentle life – I’ve fully tested it with film and the thing that impressed me the most was how quickly the autofocus locked on to my subjects. The lens is a Minolta AF Zoom 35-70mm f4 and is sharp as a tack!
The camera, lens, and 4 (AAA) batteries weigh in at 847 grams (1 lb 14 oz)!”

My caption that accompanied the picture on Flickr.

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Pentamatic in ‘Explore’


This simple studio shot made it to Flickr’s ‘Explore’ group recently. It may be the first and only Pentamatic in ‘Explore’.

Natural window light on an overcast Florida afternoon. Camera used? Samsung Galaxy 4S. No post production by me but the Galaxy may have been on HDR. Sometimes simple is better.

Yashica Pentamatic 35mm single-lens reflex from early 1960.