No Love Fuji? The Discovery 90 Date

This wonderful Fuji deserves another look.

Chasing Classic Cameras with Chris

The plastic fantastic wonders of the 1980s and 1990s generally receive no love – especially looking back on them with our digitized eyeballs in 2017. These overlooked (even when new for the most part) cameras were the bridge cameras for many photographers that were moving away from their bulky SLRs from the 1970s and looking for something easy, carefree and light to take with them on short outings and family get togethers. The 35mm format was the clear winner in the format wars, now manufacturers wanted think-free 35s that were as easy to use as falling outta bed (?).


This Fuji Discovery 90 Date was introduced in May 1993 to an already crowded plastic 35mm marketplace. So how to stand out? Drop-in loading, auto focus, auto exposure auto rewind and auto wind was a good start. A big bright viewfinder centered over the lens – and macro capability (23 1/2…

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Fuji Discovery 90 Date – classic P&S from Fuji Photo Film Co.

Today’s addition in my shop is this beautiful, still new in the box, Fuji Discovery 90 Date point and shoot 35mm camera. You can purchase it at or right here… see details below.

Fuji Discovery 90 Date Compact 35mm Film Camera – still new in the box!

These modern classics are getting harder to find still new in their boxes (as one would expect). They make perfect additions to your 35mm film camera collections or make the perfect point and shoot street cameras for your walkabouts. This set is ready to shoot with right out of the box! I’ve tested its functions with a fresh battery and everything is working just right. Check out the details in my online store and while there check out the additional pics of this still new camera. I'll ship it via USPS Priority Mail anywhere in the US for $10.95 fully insured. Worldwide shipping also available... please ask for a quote. Thanks, Chris