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graphic 35 with border

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Vintage from the 1950s

Classic Graflex Graphic 35
35mm Rangefinder Film Camera
Rodenstock Graflar 50mm f3.5 Lens
Prontor SVS Shutter

*One Owner
*Smoke and Pet Free Home
*Tested without Film

All shutter speeds sound accurate
with the exception of 1 second which
is sluggish. Bulb does work nicely.
I did not test the flash connection but it looks great.
I do not test the self-timer
on vintage 1950s cameras so it
may work or it may not.
The aperture blades look good and
are snappy. The lens is generally clear
but I do see some dust and specs of dirt.

The rangefinder is sharp – it focuses easily.
The viewfinder is bright and clean but with
a light haze (no fungus) and the haze
is very slight.

Overall it is a very nice example of this
classic camera from Graflex. I believe it
would do well as a user camera again. It is
from my personal collection.

I’ve provided clear, accurate pictures of
the camera so that you may judge its
condition for yourself. Some minor dust
here and there but no corrosion, dents, or

I mail daily and often and it will be well
packaged for a safe journey to you.
It will be mailed in the USA via USPS Priority
Mail with tracking and insurance.

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Graflex Graphic 35 – The other camera made in Rochester

Call it space age or mid-century if you wish, the Graphic 35 is a love it or hate it design that was the style of the 1950s. The Graphic 35 featured push-button focusing – how modern was that!?

We think it’s a good looking camera given the era that it was designed in and compared to other cameras from the fifties, it’s rather slick.


The two push-button focusing buttons are visible just above the lens on either side.


It’s a coupled rangefinder – a separate viewfinder from the rangefinder.


The camera was assembled in Rochester, New York with some components (lens and shutter) from West Germany – the 50mm lens is a three element design made by Rodenstock with the Graflar name and has a maximum aperture of f/3.5. The shutter is a Prontor-SVS model with a top speed of 1/300. Although I haven’t used this camera (yet) I’ve read that the lens is very capable in the f/8 and f/11 range but it wasn’t touted as a fast lens for low light or fast action photography. There was also an f/2.8 model.

graphic 35 ad

It looks like an interesting camera to use and from what I can gather with a fine grain film like Neopan 100 and bright sunlight it should produce some fine images.

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