Happy SUNday! – Air Force Basic Training

My father-in-law (circled) Frank Tifft went through basic training at Sampson Air Force Base in upstate New York back in May 1953. Frank recently passed away at age 88 and while going through some pictures that we hadn’t seen before found this gem. After the Air Force Frank worked at Pratt & Whitney Aircraft for over 35 years as a jet and rocket engine welder – one of only a few that regularly worked on the SR-71’s otherworldly engines. We miss him greatly. January 2, 1933 to February 10, 2021.

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Found Foto – 1970s Bowling Team

Frank Tifft (far right).

I recently found this photo of my father-in-law’s (dad) Pratt & Whitney Aircraft (West Palm Beach, Florida) bowling team from the early to mid-1970s. My dad is the handsome gent on the far right. These guys won many championships and trophies during their heyday. My wife’s dad just passed away at 88 years old – we will miss his smile, companionship, and love.

BTW, these guys were true “rocket scientists” as they designed and built some of America’s biggest and best jet and rocket engines. My dad was responsible for making critical welds on the engines for the SR-71 and NASA’s Space Shuttle booster rockets. He was only one of a few that were certified on such technical and difficult welds. He was also an Air Force veteran from the Korean War stationed in the Tokyo, Japan area during the war.

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F4U Corsair Model at the Fernandina Beach Airport Terminal

I finally got the chance to check out the Corsair reproduction that hangs in the airport terminal building here on Amelia Island. The terminal was completed late in 2018 and represents a significant upgrade to the facilities that it replaced. Well done to all involved!


The Corsair was flown by the US Navy and Marines in the Pacific theater of operations during the latter stages of WWII and enjoyed a reputation that was second to none.


The Corsair was powered by a super powerful Pratt & Whitney engine.


lobby logo

The main lobby before the addition of the Corsair.

20180820_202048 logo

The terminal building is designed to evoke a WWII F4U Corsair fighter-bomber.

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Pratt & Whitney Aircraft – 50 Years in Florida Medal

Pratt & Whitney Limited Edition Medal

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DSCF7317 logo

DSCF7318 logo

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My “Dad”

My father-in-law Frank at work (Pratt & Whitney Aircraft) in 1993. He worked for “Pratt” for 40 years and was a top-flight welder of jet engines. Frank’s still going strong at 85! Here’s to you dad!

IMG_20180326_0002 logo


Frank was a foremost J58 engine welder for nearly his entire career at P&W

This logo (above) is known as the “Florida” eagle which is installed on the J58 turbojet engines used in the Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird reconnaissance aircraft and on the RL10 liquid hydrogen/liquid oxygen engine used in the Centaur rocket.



A flock of Blackbirds

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