In the Garden – Good morning reptiles!

I went out to check the bird feeder early this morning and was rewarded by a visit from a couple of my garden residents.



This river cooter is a regular because I’m lucky to have a nice natural bog and pond in the woods behind my house and although it’s a turtle “Disneyland” back there they do enjoy getting out and about and catching some sun. This gal is about football sized as a point of reference.


One of the hundreds, yes hundreds of lizards in my yard. This one normally hangs out on the fence but almost always catches the first rays of sun on these rocks.


The dogwood is finally getting its leaves – it’s always a late “bloomer” but this year it was particularly slow. This one was started from a tiny tiny seedling sent to me by the Arbor Day Foundation – it’s taken about 8 years just to get to be about 5 feet tall and has yet to bloom.


Portulaca – aka “moss rose”

Camera: Fujifilm FinePix S9900W

Have a beautiful day y’all! – Chris

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Leave sleeping gators be…


Or maybe not…


Local pond gator doin’ his thing. He’s started to get interested in my presence.


Here’s Wally out of the pond.


Pond gators (what I call the local boys) are quite common around my neighborhood – but they are still gators, wild and unpredictable. I give these guys plenty of room and there’s usually a nice escape route available for me. It also helps to have some type of gator barrier (short seawalls work best) between you and your friend. DO NOT stand along the same shoreline of a small pond or swamp area with gators – they are super quick and can actually “climb” small obstacles.

Amelia Island Florida.

Camera: Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W170