Lovely Couple

While going through some pictures the other day, I came across this photograph of a very lovely couple. I don’t know who they are (yet) but I’ll find out. My first guess is that it was taken in or around Vermont and I would think from the 1940s.

couple in uniform

The soldier’s uniform is impeccably¬†worn and he looks to be a captain in the U.S. Army (guessing by the bars).

Have a wonderful and peaceful day!

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My Dad Paul

On the 103rd anniversary of his birth – March 7, 1914


On the streets of Bay Ridge, Brooklyn ca. 1921. My dad’s dad drove a milk wagon delivering milk in the neighborhoods of Brooklyn. My dad grew up around horses and continued that trend while assigned to a CCC camp at Ft. Dix, New Jersey just before WWII.


U.S. Army ca. 1943. Military Policeman assigned to the Brooklyn Navy Yard.


His favorite camera. Purchased new in 1953.

Remembering a great man on the day of his birth. Forever missed.