Lovely Couple

While going through some pictures the other day, I came across this photograph of a very lovely couple. I don’t know who they are (yet) but I’ll find out. My first guess is that it was taken in or around Vermont and I would think from the 1940s.

couple in uniform

The soldier’s uniform is impeccably worn and he looks to be a captain in the U.S. Army (guessing by the bars).

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Great-Aunts, Vermont 1930s

Carol’s great-aunts on her mother’s side in a found photograph from the 1930s (we believe). I like this photograph because it’s rather well taken – not particularly well scanned, but for the time period, it’s a rather good picture.

I don’t know what format the camera was that took this but I enjoy the wider view given by the photographer’s perspective. The ladies are well centered (side to side and top to bottom) and in focus. The wider view allows the viewer a chance to take in the surroundings and appreciate the era in which it was taken.


great aunts vermont

Near Rutland, Vermont

The only post-processing was to take out the sepia tone and give it its true black and white tones.

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