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Happy Friday everyone! Some interesting items have hit the shelves in the shop this week at

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shop snip 9.20.2019

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“This is a Toy” – Goofy Stuff from Yashica


Normally you’d expect to see “this is not a toy” on something not designed to be played with. Here we have a rather odd promotional item from Yashica.


My best translation – Color Camera Yashica Electro 35


Still looks good and holds air after 50 years!


A Yashica float. It’s about 6 feet in length and I’m guessing Yashica didn’t want you to use this at the beach or pool as anything but a toy.

Admittedly a pretty goofy item that we’ve added to our Yashica collection recently. I saw it on a Japanese auction site and well, I couldn’t resist. It was listed by a seller in Shiga Prefecture (which is just east of Kyoto). I paid a silly amount to ship it after paying less than $10 to purchase it. Collecting – jeez. On the bright side, I may have the only matching set of Yashica beach gear in the world!

yashica beach bag

We now have a matching set of beach gear from Yashica. The Sailor Boy logo was popular with Yashica in the early 1960s – here he makes another appearance to promote the Electro 35 camera.

DSCF7676 logo

Thanks for stopping by! – Chris