Some “new” Yashica brochures…

We’re always on the lookout for some “new” Yashica sales brochures and catalogs. As some of you may know from past postings, Yashica was not a big fan of dating the various publications it produced. Every now and then they would “hide” a date code but not very often. So here is a small sample of our recent acquisitions…


From September of 1969.


Date code ‘909’ decodes to September 1969.


Beautiful brochure from October 1970. The Yashica Mat-124 was at the end of its production.

IMG_20160316_0005 (2)

Back page of the TLR brochure with a close-up of the date code (010E6). Decodes to October 1970.

IMG_20160316_0005 (3)

Some very nice Yashica tripods from the 1960s. We have the first one (on the left) the ST-1.


Of course no new collection of Yashica brochures would be complete without a TL Electro X image. From March 1970.

So there is a small sample of the latest brochures. All are in original mint condition… just as they were printed in Japan by Dai Nippon Printing Co., Tokyo.

Please share any comments and of course if you have an interesting Yashica brochure let us know! We’d love to see it!

Thank you… C & C

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