Fujipet Fun!

These fun guys are part of the Fuji Photo Film’s instruction booklet for the Fujipet.


From 1958 or so. Great ways to steady your camera!


Parts of the Fujipet.

Still waiting on our prints to be developed… stay tuned! And here’s one of the first images from our new Pet!


Strong late morning Florida sun in August. Lots of strong shadows and high contrast. The Fujipet handled it very well! The film used was FujiFilm Neopan Acros 100 black and white negative film. The columns are a very deep green and the door is a medium brown. I love the detail in the doors and the slight edge distortion of the frame. This is the actual scan of the 6x6cm negative with no post production.  

We sent the film to be processed at https://thedarkroom.com

More to come on another blog.

Thanks, C&C