Yashica Pentamatic S & a “new” old school copy stand –

Every now and then as a collector of all things Yashica, you get a little lucky. In this case my luck was finding an accessory that I wanted so badly back in the day (early 1970s). It’s not actually an accessory – more of what I’ll call ‘studio support equipment’.


Pentamatic S on the copy stand.

I know. It’s just a simple copy stand. They’re for sale everywhere. But not a built in 1971 Yashica branded copy stand – and in its original box too! Collector heaven.



The grids are about 20 x 20 so it’s actually quite large.



It’s definitely from another time and place. No official name for it – just a copy stand. It’s built pretty well – lots of real steel parts and no plastic. I believe the plastic looking parts are Bakelite. I’ll need to modify the tripod screw bracket a bit for use by my digital Fuji.

Yashica TL Electro-X

One of the most successful SLRs from Yashica – the ‘Pioneer in Electronic Cameras’… the Yashica TL Electro-X. The world’s first electronic single-lens reflex camera.

A random collection of clips from Yashica sales brochures and our eclectic collection of all things Yashica –



‘ITS’ = Integrated Technology System… maybe.


We’ve recently added this hard to find accessory from Yashica. It was still new in its original box! It will be used in our studio for some copy work.


Original box. Lucky find!


The Copy Stand listed for 20,000 JPY in 1971. About $55 USD




Large dealer’s sign. Two sided but non lighted. Ca. 1968


Yashica ‘Sailor Boy’ with another version of the slogan and electron logo. The ‘Sailor Boy’ first made his appearance in 1962.


Elegance on ice.

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