An Interview with Paul Sokk – Site Author of the popular

Another visit with Paul is in order.

Chasing Classic Cameras with Chris

Chances are you’ve visited Paul’s site and hadn’t known it. Thousands of collectors, online auction sellers and buyers and estate sale pickers gather valuable information about their vintage Yashica cameras from Paul’s well researched and easy to understand site. First appearing in late 2011, Paul describes his website as more of an e-book about Yashica. Paul traces Yashica’s humble beginnings from early 1950s upstart to become the worldwide leader in the manufacture of twin-lens reflex cameras by the end of that decade.

Paul calls the beautiful Central Coast of New South Wales, Australia his home – retiring after 35 years of Government service. He enjoys spending time with his family, photography and writing.

Paul's ViewAhh the joys of retirement… the Central Coast, NSW and a lovely sunset.

PaulPaul with one of his favorites. A prized Yashica Flex S from 1954.

I first met Paul via his website back in 2014. I…

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