Springtime in Naka-ku, Yokohama

Originally published in March 2017, here’s another look at our neighborhood in Yokohama. C&C ^.^

Chasing Classic Cameras with Chris

Remembering back to our time living in Japan in the late 1970s. We lived in a small area of southern Yokohama near Sankei-en (gardens). The Naka Ward was home to a large US Navy family housing area and the ever popular Navy Exchange and Commissary. Avenue D, pictured below, was the main highway from Yokohama to the Navy base at Yokosuka. In our part of the housing area, these Sakura (below) had been planted as a joint project with the military families and the local community. After the long and dreary winter we looked forward to the blossoms and warmth that signaled Spring.

20354188489_fd0e7856e0_o (1) Sakura along Avenue D in the Naka Ward. Base housing to the left.

21087177073_aedba71f8f_o (1) Sankei-en in Spring. A short bicycle ride from our home so we visited often.

20256520930_b6efccc36a_o Carol spending her 100 yen wisely on a visit to Sankei-en.

22343030079_18e6e717a1_o (1) More views in Sankei-en.

21723680721_8a4b3d184e_o Photography blossoms in the Spring.

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24 Yuki Station

A wonderful series from our good friend, fellow blogger, and camera fanatic. Give her site a visit and you’ll see why it’s one of our favorites. C&C

Walking, cycling, and driving around Ibaraki

This is one of two walks that start at Yuki Station. I completed both walks on the same day. Walk 25 is based on the business area and shops, this walk is based on the spiritual side of Yuki. I prefer this walk, but as I said in the other post I think you should take a bicycle and wander around the whole area. As Ibaraki is becoming much a more cycle loving area, it would be a great idea for someone to start a cycle rental cafe in this area too.

I definitely think you can do both walks easily, but there are spots on each walk that are not really worth the effort and some definitely are worth a longer perusal.

Here is the map for this walk.

I happened upon my first spot, number 2 as I was wandering around for the other walk. This is Gugyoji…

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