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NWF – Certified Wildlife Habitats



We encourage you to get your property certified – it’s easy and fun to do. It makes a great family project that pays dividends over and over.


Our backyard NWF Certified Wildlife Habitat

It can be any part of your yard – a small front yard garden or your entire property!

Since moving here in 1991, Carol and I (and the entire family) have planted over 50 native trees on our small suburban property. Since most of our backyard is a natural bog with a small pond we’ve planted mostly water-loving trees – bald cypress, river birch, river maples, pines, Leyland cypress, oaks, dogwoods, redbuds, and a bunch of native azaleas.

It’s important to leave fallen branches in a pile in the yard as it makes great cover for all sorts of critters. Our bog and pond support mosquito fish, river cooter (turtles), snakes of all types and even leeches!

I’m sure a river otter or two have appeared from time to time. We have some stray deer (a bit hard for them to stay since it’s so wet back there), Florida black bears, raccoons, opossums, armadillos, eagles, hawks, and all manner of other birds – mostly cardinals. An occasional vulture is spotted whenever something needs to be disposed of.

The key to our backyard is – no chemicals! No fertilizers, and no watering. It must take care of itself. We do occasionally weed non-native species and invading vines and we do use mulch.


Bald cypress needles


Japanese black pine


Florida river birch bark


Bald cypress springing to life from seed

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Was this beautiful lens, which was made exclusively for the Pentamatic II designed by Zunow Optical?

Time to revisit this post from last October. We still feel strongly that this lens was made by Zunow for Yashica.

Chasing Classic Cameras with Chris

Simple Answer – Yes

DSCF6330Yashica Auto Yashinon f/ 1.7 5.8cm lens designed exclusively for Yashica’s Pentamatic II. It appears for the first time in August 1960 and disappears from use by Yashica in January 1961. There’s no documentation about the lens and no hard evidence that Zunow made the lens. Hard evidence would be sales brochures or advertisements that specifically link Yashica and Zunow. Co-branding on the lens ring would have been nice but never happened. Unfortunately our claim that it was made by Zunow is, at this point in time, circumstantial and coincidental. Much more digging around needs to be done on our part.

The lens features the unique Pentamatic bayonet mount that couldn’t be used on any other SLR of the time without an adapter. That in and of itself could have been a major reason for the quick demise of the Pentamatic series of cameras.

DSCF6323Two “clues”…

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Fuji Photo Film – Fuji Pet 35

Another Look at this Wonderful Camera Set from Fuji Photo

Chasing Classic Cameras with Chris

From 1959, Fuji Photo Film Co., Ltd. follow-up to their widely popular Fujipet 120 film camera. The Pet 35 took advantage of the growing popularity of 35mm photography – plus it’s a great way to sell more film!

The Pet 35 was way more sophisticated than the Fujipet – but retained the funky charm and quirkiness of the original. Since the Pet 35 is not a common camera, we’ve presented a visual tour of our almost mint condition Pet 35.


Original set as found. We have the leather case too.


The lens is a Fujinar-K 3 element glass lens – 45mm with a maximum aperture of f/3.5 with closest focussing to 0.5 meters.


The lever to the right of the lens cocks the shutter and the left lever trips the Copal B leaf shutter.


The Copal shutter features speeds of B, 1/25, 1/50, 1/100 and 1/200 of a second.



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Pratt & Whitney Aircraft – 50 Years in Florida Medal

Pratt & Whitney Limited Edition Medal

Rare Pratt & Whitney Aircraft *Gold and Blue Eagle Medal* Commemorating 50 Years in Florida. With Original Box and Plastic Case Rarely do these ever come up for purchase in mint condition. Gorgeous Pratt & Whitney collectible. In new never touched condition. Large 1.75 inches across (44mm). Mails within 24 hours or less (often same day!) in a well-secured package with tracking and insurance! Smoke and Pet Free Studio Please check out our other neat collectibles here in our Etsy Shop and on our Pattern site. Thanks for stopping by! Chris and Carol


DSCF7317 logo

DSCF7318 logo

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