1960s Hi-Tech – It’s a flashcube, baby!

You would have been considered hi-tech in the mid-1960s with this set-up (well, the Yashica TLR was a bit dated by then) but the flashcube was all the rage.

This little unit was made around 1965 or so by the Japanese company Gold Crest (think Vivitar) – they manufactured all types of little gizmos for photography in the 1950s and 60s. I picked the Yashica 44 (from 1958) to use as the model for the flashcube adapter – the gray metalwork and gray leather go well with the flash unit.

yashica 44 with flash

yas44 flash


The adapter was powered by a Mallory M-504 15 volt battery. Gold Crest, by the way, made their own 15v batteries too. The lever on the back rotated the flash cube and the little silver lever popped it off. Too cool!


Check out the awesome color of the vinyl case! The 504 battery is still available today for under $10 if the mood strikes to fire off some cubes!

Thanks for stopping by! This item will be available in our shop at http://www.ccstudio2380.com


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