Fuji Panorama Cardia – a plastic fantastic from 1991

One of the first dedicated 35 mm panorama compact cameras from Fuji Photo Film Company. It was available only in Japan and was released in December 1991. Actually a sophisticated camera a notch or two above being just a point and shoot – debateable.

There’s so little information about this wonderful camera on the web, I hope this post helps a bit for those interested in this format and camera.

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It’s not as basic as it seems. This camera was released for the Japanese domestic market in December 1991 and listed for 15,800 JPY (about $123 USD).

It’s a dedicated panorama format 35 mm film camera (13 x 36 mm actual image size). The panorama setting is not adjustable.

1. Opens and closes the lens cover and when closed locks the shutter button.

2. Flash on/off switch.

3. Fujinon 28 mm f8 glass lens – 3 elements in 3 groups. The fixed focus lens focuses from 1.5 m to infinity switchable to landscape mode.

4. CdS light receiver.

5. Two position ISO selector switch.

6. Landscape Mode Switch “Far-view Mode Lever”.

7. Albada bright frame finder.

8. Shutter release button.

9. Manual strobe/flash.

The aperture is “automatically” adjusted for lower light levels and the camera will give a low-light warning in the viewfinder. It’s been reported by a Japanese blogger that the aperture was capable of f4 to f16 but that is not backed up by data from Fujifilm that I can find.

The shutter is fixed to fire at 1/100th of a second.

I’ve scanned a few pages from the instruction pamphlet (below).


IMG_20190527_0002 1

Take notice of the clearly marked “CdS light receiver” vice exposure meter. It could be just a difference in the machine translation from what was meant in the original Japanese text.

IMG_20190527_0005 3

Specifications from Fuji confirms that the lens is a Fujinon f8 28 mm wide angle with glass optics – 3 elements in 3 groups (you’ll find that info in line 4).


Unboxing a classic.


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