Chasing Classic Cameras with Chris – hello Miranda!

Here’s a seldom-seen “system camera” from Miranda first released in 1965. The Miranda G was a one-hit-wonder and was quickly replaced with metered models. I think it was called the Miranda GT when a metered pentaprism was added.


Exploded view of the Miranda G. Up to three viewfinders were available for use in the system.


A fast Auto Miranda wide-angle lens (made by Soligor?) – f/2.8 2.8cm


A focal-plane shutter with speeds from bulb to 1/1000 second.


There are 8 different focusing screens available for this model.

This beast weighs in at 877 grams as pictured minus film and batteries. Wait, there’s no batteries as this is the meterless prism. Time to break out your hand-held meter because this is basic photography 101 – pure analog.

I wanted to post an advertisement from around 1965 or so with the Miranda G but I couldn’t find any. The G is rather uncommon in any condition.

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