Monday’s Camera – Asahi Pentax H2

I like their simple lines and I think they look uncluttered without the clunky self-timer lever stuck on its face.
M42 screw-in lens mount so most of my Yashinon (Tomioka) lenses will fit but not always correctly. The same goes for my Fujinon lenses.

Happy Monday! As I was surfing through my archives of cameras that have long since departed and I came across this little gem – the Asahi Pentax H2. I’ve always been fond of these, I guess I just like their look and the solid feel in your hands. I haven’t had much luck with them over the years as I almost always end up with a stuck in the up position mirror or some other shutter or film advance issue. They’re quite old now so a good CLA would bring them back. Too late for that with this one as it was purged in a big sell off years ago.

If you’re looking for an interesting classic camera to chase the H2 is worth your time and energy. As with all older SLRs look for the best you can afford. It may not work but it will look good sitting around.

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