Purma Special — Camera Go Camera

I decided to look for another 127 camera seeing as I had the FCK127 when up popped this blog post on Casual Photophile. Then this post appeared up on another blog I read. That was it, I wanted Purma Special and luckily I am in England so they are fairly cheap. I put a minimum […]

Purma Special — Camera Go Camera

Great post! Please take the time to check it out. It’s amazing what Peggy can do with cameras and film from another time and place. Chris

Friday Fotos! – Cocoa Beach FD

For a short time in the Spring of 1972 I was a volunteer firefighter trainee with the Cocoa Beach Fire Department – a professional department that was kind enough to take on a young college student and give me full access to their facilities and training. Here’s a few pics I shot with my new Yashica TL Electro-X 35mm SLR on Kodak Plus-X film that I developed and printed myself (for a school project).

I don’t have his name but he was a friendly firefighter that was more than happy to help with my training (as were all the others in the department).
It looks ancient now but completely open cabs were common back then. Engine 4 getting re-stowed after a run.
One of their newer engines in 1972 which featured a new to them semi-enclosed cab.
Me with my favorite truck. I’m just back from a very long and very hot purpose set fire for training.
Lots of gauges.
Always training.
Mean Mack!

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Yashica Pentamatic II – The Phantom

The Yashica Pentamatic II is without a doubt the hardest camera to find in any condition in Yashica’s lineup. If you do find one, buy it at least for its standard lens. You won’t be disappointed.

Chasing Classic Cameras with Chris

A new Pentamatic joins the family – this one was made in September of 1960.

DSCF7800 Seldom seen in the wild, Yashica’s “Phantom” camera – the P2

The Pentamatic II was fitted with a limited production lens made by Zunow Optical – a 5.8cm f1.7 Auto Yashinon with 10 aperture blades. It’s a massive camera with a ton (1,028 grams) of brass and glass.

It’s a distinctive design – very modern but classic at the same time. A clean pentaprism without the cold shoe mounted on it – in fact, the cold shoe (accessory shoe) is mounted on the camera’s left shoulder just above the hidden rewind knob.


The serial number (NO. 96000944) indicates the “when” of this camera. The “9” is for September and the next digits, “60” is for 1960. The last 5 digits are the sequence number or production number. This one is the 944th made since production…

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