Friday Fotos! – Yashica Binoculars

I don’t usually collect binoculars but sometimes you come across a pair that scream “buy me”! These rather rare binoculars did just that. Of course, it helps that they carry the Yashica brand. Yashica binoculars enjoy a good reputation as being of high-quality with exceptionally good optics.

These lovely miniature binoculars are of the reverse Porro prism design and are in mint condition especially considering they were likely made in the early 1960s (maybe the late 1950s) not by Yashica but by a very well-known maker of binoculars the Seiwa Kogaku Company of Tokyo.

Japan imposed strict guidelines on the manufacture of binoculars and telescopes. These guidelines stated that binoculars were to be of the highest quality and be able to pass extensive testing and quality control procedures. As such, the original maker had to stamp in the metal casing their unique manufacturer’s mark regardless of the final branding.

Assembly manufacturer’s mark J-B93 is for the Seiwa Kogaku Company. There’s a secondary mark on the casting J-E50 for Tanaka Koki Seisakujo, Inc.
7 x 28 Extra Wide Angle. The optics are bright and clear. Focusing is a bit stiff but that’s expected as the original grease starts to dry out after all these years.
The beautiful felt lined leather case still looks new.
28 mm objective lenses. Kinda cute from this angle.
Excellent craftsmanship on the leather case and surprisingly all the stitches are tight.
Usually the bottom of a leather case takes a lot of abuse but this one is almost pristine. I haven’t been able to find another inspection sticker on the binoculars just this one on the case. The letters look like “E.G.M.C.J.” to me. I’ve seen this sticker on the bottom of other leather cases made in Japan and on the bottom of a wood serving tray made in Japan. My best guess is “Export Graded something Center Japan”.

The binoculars are very compact due to their optical design but are still rather heavy at just over one pound (490 grams). Thanks for stopping by and I hope to write more soon. Have a great day and evening!

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