Sukoshi 2014

Sweet kitty Sukoshi

A “found” image from November 2014. We were lucky to have had her as our kitty from early 2003 to when she passed in late 2017. She was a rescue cat that we adopted from an organization known as Cat’s Angels here on Amelia Island. Both her parents were wild and although we met her as a young kitten she always had a bit of a wild streak in her to the very end which made her unpredictable and super fun. She was as soft as she looks in this “I want you to put down the camera and pet me shot”. We miss her bunches.

Canon CPS Camera and Lens Bag

Hi all! Since I have two of these hard-to-find bags from Canon I’ve put one of them in my online camera shop at These CPS (Canon Professional Services) bags are built super well by Tamrac with high-quality materials.

Canon pro-quality nylon camera and lens bag from Tamrac and Canon CPS.

It’s a rather large shoulder bag that can hold a “ton” of gear including lenses, SD and CF cards, batteries, and everything in between. It’s brand new and has never been used. I have another one that I do use.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day! – Chris

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