Fuji’s Modern Classic – Discovery Mini Dual Date 35mm P&S Camera

If you’ve been a regular follower of this blog you know that my interests extend beyond just collecting Yashica cameras. One of my passions is collecting still “new in the box” 35mm cameras from the Fuji Photo Film Company – both Fuji and Fujifilm branded 35mm compact camera sets.

Today in my camera shop I’m happy to make available this wonderful Fuji set originally sold through Ritz Camera here in the US. (original sales receipt included)

The Fuji Discovery Mini Dual Date 35mm compact point & shoot camera is one of my favorites – it features a simple button that switches between a 28mm wide-angle Fujinon lens to a more normal focal length 45mm lens. Even the viewfinder switches to show the different view with the lens. Like most of the sets I offer, this one is completely new and in mint condition and has been fully tested with fresh batteries (included).


You’ll get everything pictured here – I’ve kept the original Fujifilm color film that came with the kit (expired) and the original CR123 lithium battery (likely expired) but I’ve added a brand new lithium battery as well as a new Sony button battery for the date/time functions. (which have been set)DSCF9432

The camera is a beauty and with all of its features, it qualifies as a modern classic in my book. The Fujinon f3.5 28mm wide-angle lens is fast and sharp and the f5.5 45mm lens is a perfect normal lens for general photography. I’ve used this model in the past and the 28mm lens and autofocus and autoexposure make it a great street camera capable of some nice candids while roaming the streets (use Neopan 100 for some great mood shots).


The camera is based on the Fuji Cardia Travel Mini Dual – P that sells in Japan – the US model dropped the panorama mode otherwise they’re the same.

  • 28/45mm Motorized Dual Lens
  • Drop-in Film Loading
  • Film Prewinding
  • Auto Focus
  • Auto Flash with 3 Modes
  • Date or Time Printing Capability
  • Close-ups to 18 inches
  • Landscape Button

This fun to use set will come with a genuine Fuji custom camera case, a lens cleaning kit, a photography guide booklet by Fuji, a Fuji photo album, a roll of Fujifilm and the batteries. It’s ready to go right out of the box! Guaranteed!


The date and time functions have been set and I’ve installed a new Sony button battery.


It can be purchased directly here by clicking on the payment button – this set will ship FOR FREE in the USA and I’ll ship it worldwide with a few exceptions. Please ask for a shipping quote first.

More details can be found at http://www.ccstudio2380.com and of course, it can be purchased directly from there too.

Fuji Discovery Mini Dual Date 35mm Compact Camera Outfit

Complete Fuji Discovery 35mm compact camera outfit - made in Japan in late 1990. This kit is a Ritz Camera special and comes with everything pictured. It's ready to shoot with right out of the box! Guaranteed! It's getting super hard to find camera sets like this that are still considered new and unused. It's the best way to experience 35mm film photography and not break the bank. This set mails to the USA FOR FREE - worldwide shipping available... please ask for a quote. Thanks for looking! Chris



SR-T MC – a little gem from Minolta

Now, this is a good looking camera with a simple straightforward design. From what I’ve been able to glean, this model was made by Minolta for sale only at J.C. Penny and K-Mart department stores in the United States and only in a pro-black finish.

It’s fitted with a Minolta MC Rokkor-PF 55mm f/1.7 lens and the original metal lens cap.


Made from 1973 to 1975 and it differentiated from the other Minolta’s made during the same period by the lack of a self-timer and the focusing screen had a microprism for focusing. I believe that they’re rather hard to find and somewhat rare in this nearly mint condition.


I’ll have more about this camera soon as it’s undergoing testing before I list it for sale in my shop. Stay tuned!

Thanks for stopping by! – Chris

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Fuji Discovery 900 Zoom Plus – 1991

Another visit is in order for this super cool camera from Fuji Photo.

Yashica Pentamatic Fanatic

From the Fuji Photo Film Company, Limited, Tokyo.

Actually quite a sophisticated 35mm compact auto focus camera from the early 1990s – during the compact camera war period where each manufacturer was trying to cram as many features into as small a package as they could. In the case of this Fuji, it came pretty close to having everything except the compact part.

Which in the case of this camera, is a very good thing in our opinion. It has a wonderful feel to it – it has some heft (362 g without battery and film) and fits nicely into your grip. It’s plastic but with a host of motors and what not the weight goes up which helps holding it steady when taking a picture.

DSCF5150It was packaged in a descriptive and colorful box that included a roll of Fujicolor film, a lithium battery (which was still working…

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Ricoh Five One Nine – 1958

The Ricoh 519 is a 35mm rangefinder camera made by Riken Optical Industries, Ltd. of Tokyo in 1958. The 35mm rangefinder field was extremely crowded in 1958 with Yashica entering the market with its first rangefinder at about the same time. Almost every major and relatively unknown Japanese camera maker had at least an entry in the marketplace. In general, the designs of cameras during this period could range from downright ugly to beautiful – I would place this Ricoh in the beautiful category. I love its lines and thoughtful engineering details. The build quality is exceptional – everything fits nicely and the finishes are extraordinary. Who wouldn’t love the extra attention to detail with the “519” written out in a script?

DSCF8589 logo

DSCF8588 logo

DSCF8587 logo

DSCF8598 logo

DSCF8604 logo

DSCF8592 logo

Thanks for stopping by! – Chris

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Happy SUNday! Collecting

Part of the fun of collecting older film cameras is all of the neat “bits” that often come from finding the actual camera. There’s boxes, cases, instruction booklets, caps, auxiliary lenses, silica packs, brochures, ads and dozens of other silly stuff that adds depth to the find. I enjoy restoring and preserving the original boxes that the camera was sold with – often these items were simply tossed away after the camera was put into use. Boxes are actually harder to find and collect than the camera in many cases.

Here’s an example of a recent find – a nice Yashica 35 YL rangefinder set that I purchased from England.

collage yl box

The image on the left is from the seller’s listing. The box has some obvious damage and serious staining but was overall still very solid. This camera set was made in November 1959 so it’s seen its share of shelf time and it shows. On the right is my first run in the process of restoring (preserving) the box. I gave it a good cleaning – yes, cleaning a paperboard box. I use a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and gently scrub away nearly 60 years worth of soot, dirt and DNA from the surfaces of the paper. I can’t stress enough how careful you need to be with the eraser. Just a little bit of moisture and the right amount of pressure will do the trick. Let the paper tell you when you’re about to go “too far”. Let the box dry (it’s not really wet) before moving on to the next steps.

DSCF8387 logo

The next steps in the process of restoring a box are to carefully glue down any loose bits of the paper covering to prevent further damage and loss of details. In the image above, the box has been cleaned, loose paper secured and the bare edges where given a color coat with an alcohol marker in colors close to the original box colors. It’s a process of layering the color coats and blending them to achieve the desired results. I use these types of markers because of the wide variety of colors that are available and the fact that they apply a super thin layer of color without hiding details.

collage yl box 22

The box is much brighter and in my opinion, appealing. There’s still some additional coloring to be done but I’m happy with the results. The deep gouge shown in the upper left picture will be filled in with a mixture of colored paper and glue. It’s a bit of work but enjoyable.

Thanks for stopping by! – Chris

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Sears Camera Catalog – 1952

Cute cover image for the Sears, Roebuck and Company Camera Catalog of 1952. The cover features the Nicca made Tower branded Type-3 (Type III) 35mm rangefinder camera of the early 1950s.

sears tower ad logo

A scan of the original cover of the catalog.

IMG_20181102_0007 logo

From the Tower Type-3 instruction booklet – 1951

More “goodies” to follow from this exceptional camera set we recently acquired. – Chris

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Yashica YF – aka Fair-Way, 35 YF Nicca

A bunch of ways to identify the same camera from Yashica. One of the few cameras that made it to the marketplace with both the Yashica and the Nicca names. Yashica had just acquired the Nicca Camera Company in 1958 and this was the last interchangeable lens 35mm rangefinder camera from both.

This is a picture from my archives that was found on the web some time ago. The main reason for including it on the blog is that few (myself included) have ever seen the original presentation box before. This box is in wonderful condition and gives us a glimpse into Yashica’s marketing in 1959. The box has Yashica, YF and Nicca but not the “Fair-Way” name as it was sometimes referred to in Japan.

Nicca-Yashica YF Box 2

Nicca-Yashica YF BoxIMG_20181017_0007 logo

I hope to add a YF to my collection shortly and I’ll be sure to post about my impressions of it here.

Thanks for stopping by and of course my camera shop is always open at http://www.ccstudio2380.com – Chris

Yashica Lynx – the ‘Wildcat’ in Yashica’s den!

Recent finds and some good detective work by my friend Paul Sokk have gone on to lend support that Zunow did make some of the lenses on the Yashica Lynx and now it looks like they first appeared on the Yashica 35 YL. More to come!

Yashica Pentamatic Fanatic

We haven’t paid much attention to rangefinder cameras here on the “Fanatic” – it’s not that we don’t find them interesting – quite the opposite, many rangefinder cameras associated with Yashica are groundbreaking and historically significant and are worthy of further research.

The Yashica Lynx – aka the Lynx-1000. It was the first in a long line of successful fixed-lens rangefinder cameras from Yashica in the early 1960s. The first Lynx was made in May 1960 based on the serial number of the camera in an early sales brochure (in English below).


We find early sales brochures extremely helpful when attempting to place a date of production of a camera. In this case, the serial number NO. 650048 would indicate that the Lynx was first produced in May 1960 (6 = 1960, 5 = May, 0048 = number 48th made).

This early box (below) confirms that Yashica referred to…

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My First Pentamatic – the quest begins

It was “love” at first sight! Well, kinda like love – more like a very strong attraction.

The starkness of the Pentamatic’s design caught my eye straight away. Here was a Yashica the likes of which I’d never seen before.

I thought I would share a very popular image of my first Yashica Pentamatic. I say popular because it’s been viewed more times than anything else I’ve ever posted on my Flickr page.

yashica p1 in blue

Designed in middle 1959, Yashica’s first 35mm single-lens reflex camera is a stunning beauty. It appears it was a collaborative effort between Yashica and Nicca with some “help” from the designers at Zunow. The first lenses for the Pentamatic were made by Tomioka and most carried the Yashinon name – a few, like this one, sported the Tominon branding along with Yashica’s Yashinon name. By the way, the serial number on this lens is fairly easy to “decode”. The first 2 digits indicate the focal length of the lens – in this instance, the lens is a 3.5cm wide angle so the first digits are “35”. The next 4 digits are a simple production number that I’m guessing started at “0001”. This lens would have been the 246th lens made (0246).

Thanks for stopping by! I hope this little tease is enough to cause you to explore my blog (and Flickr site) to learn more about the Pentamatic and its sister models – the Pentamatic II and the Pentamatic S. – Chris

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Canon AE-1 Program


Canon AE-1 Program 35mm SLR Film Camera

Canon AE-1 Program in super clean and fully working condition - a one owner camera (mine) since 1981. It will include a battery and a roll of Fujifilm Fujicolor 100 film (ex 07/2010). The AE-1 P is one of Canon's easiest to use compact 35mm film cameras. This SLR features full manual mode, shutter and aperture priority modes and full program (automatic) mode. Simply compose, focus and shoot! It accepts all Canon FD lenses (which is a bunch!) I'll mail this most anywhere in the world - please contact me for a quote. In the USA a flat $10.00 gets you USPS Priority Mail with insurance and a tracking number.



Thanks for stopping by! You can buy this outstanding Canon here or visit my store at http://www.ccstudio2380.com

Thanks, Chris