Yashica L AF – Field Test v2.0 – Can this Yashica hold its own against the T* Series?

A fun little point and shoot camera from Yashica-Kyocera (1986). This lovely camera was kindly donated to us from a blogger friend and photographer who lives in Japan. She tests cameras that strike her fancy and often processes her film at home. We think her test shots are extremely interesting – and always well composed too. You can find her at https://cameragocamera.wordpress.com/

Field test v1.0 was done in Japan.

She typically hunts around in second hand shops and picks up cameras for well under $10 (I think this one was only $3).


The Yashica gets a fresh roll of Fujicolor Superia X-TRA 400 and a new finger strap (in almost matching red).


This Yashica uses a 32mm f3.5 lens. The camera features a simple drop and go (well almost) film loading. It is a DX coded camera so it sets the ASA (sorry, old school). It produced 26 exposures from a 24 exposure roll.


Pull the film leader to mid point on the orange line and between the white marks.

The real test – can this inexpensive Yashica L AF deliver the same image quality as its highly regarded cousins – the Yashica T3 Super with Zeiss T* 35mm f2.8 lens or the more closely related Yashica T AF?


The T3 – often sells for over $200 on eBay. The L AF – well under $20!

yashica t af

Yashica T AF. Yashica’s first in the T* Series of cameras (1985). Probably the most closely related to the L AF.

I won’t post all 26 images here. I will pick a broad representation of the photographic challenges that I threw at the Yashica L AF.


First image overall – strong back lighting. A challenge for any simple AE camera. First sign of a red spot (far left).

These next two images were focused at infinity. Strong mid day lighting so deep shadows. The Fujicolor rocks some nice vivid colors and contrast!



First real test of the auto-focus and AE in dim lighting below. It did well considering the strong sunlight in the background.


I know right – crazy dark blue sky! No filters, just Superia X-TRA 400 and a contrasty lens.


Nice detail. Sharp focus too on this sign below. The Yashica employs center weighted metering. Most AE cameras would be thrown off by the bright sky.


Tough AE situation for a simple point and shoot (deep shade below). Post production would help but I like it as it is.


Back in the bright Florida sun!



Day 2 below at home. I was about 3 feet from the carp. Looks good.



The attack of the red bar! Not sure the why of it.


The AE handled this situation well – I blocked out the sun with the palm tree which allowed the Yashica to get a good reading on the building.

As I said at the top. All 26 images were excellent with about 4 experiencing the mystery red spots and bars.  I’m thinking that the red marks are from a processing error – it’s way too random to be a light leak. No post production on any of these images. They’re presented just as they were scanned by the processing lab. Maybe the CD will be even sharper.

We’re impressed! The camera has a solid feel – it has some weight and is actually as big as our Fujifilm FinePix S9900W.

So does this inexpensive Yashica L AF beat the Yashica T* Series? Don’t know yet – now all we need is someone to donate a T3 or T4 to test it!!! ^.^

For the money, if you can find a decent Yashica L AF and want a great point and shoot 35mm camera that produces better than expected images – the L AF more than delivers and at a price that won’t break the bank!

Camera(s): Yashica L AF Date, Fujifilm FinePix S9900W and Samsung Galaxy S4

Final shout out goes to the City of Fernandina Beach, Florida! Thanks for never messing with the Historic District – it looks the same (for the most part) as it did 120 years ago! 

Many thanks for your visit! Comments – please do. Donating a T3 or T4? – email us ASAP!

Chris & Carol

11 thoughts on “Yashica L AF – Field Test v2.0 – Can this Yashica hold its own against the T* Series?

    1. Many thanks for your comments and of course, the Yashica. I enjoyed using it and I believe it’s a keeper.
      I think the red marks are a processing error on the labs part (maybe). They’re way too random to be light leaks.
      Yep, the koi no bori proudly fly awaiting the arrival of May.


  1. Nice images. The lens is very sharp. The price of the T4 is out of sight. This is a close approximation, but the size of the camera is a big difference. The T4’s nice size is a good feature. Believe it or not, mine was stolen from my car on a trip in Arizona when I went into the convenience store after pumping gas.

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