Super Yashinon-R 400mm Lens

One of Yashica’s big boys – 1961 model. Super Yashinon-R 40cm f6.3 telephoto lens with the M42 mount. A very early M42 mount from Yashica-Tomioka.


Front view of this interesting lens…


One of the first long focal length lenses for Yashica’s M42 screw mount 35mm SLR camera bodies. I would guess from the extremely low serial number that this lens was made in late 1961 or very early 1962. I have never seen a lens from Yashica “in the wild” with such a low number. 400 = focal length and the next 4 numbers are the production number 0009 meaning the 9th one made after the prototype.

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Not a common sight to see across Florida skies. Cirrocumulus (Cc) clouds are normally found above 25,000 feet (Florida). These were actually higher than nearby condensation trails left by high flying jets. Seen in early October.

Flying high above Walt Disney World…


Camera: Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W170

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