Super Yashinon-R 400mm Lens

One of Yashica’s big boys – 1961 model. Super Yashinon-R 40cm f6.3 telephoto lens with the M42 mount. A very early M42 mount from Yashica-Tomioka.


Front view of this interesting lens…


One of the first long focal length lenses for Yashica’s M42 screw mount 35mm SLR camera bodies. I would guess from the extremely low serial number that this lens was made in late 1961 or very early 1962. I have never seen a lens from Yashica “in the wild” with such a low number. 400 = focal length and the next 4 numbers are the production number 0009 meaning the 9th one made after the prototype.

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4 thoughts on “Super Yashinon-R 400mm Lens

  1. I recently got one of these from my sister in law, who got it from a garage sale sometime in the 1990’s. I have an attachment to put it on my dslr, but I’ve never used a lens like it so it’s a bit daunting! Thanks for the info about it.


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