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In the Shop – New Arrivals!

New in the studio shop this week at http://www.ccstudio2380.com


Beautiful Canon New FD 70-150mm Zoom Lens with original Canon caps. Fully tested on my Fujifilm X-A10 mirrorless digital camera. Flawless operation from this sharp compact Canon zoom. Easily adapts to a wide variety of digital bodies as well as the primary lens for such classics as the Canon F-1, AE-1, A-1, T70 and any FD mount body. Priced right!


Ikelite Aquashot waterproof 35mm disposable film camera case for Fujifilm and Kodak cameras. Includes all of the original boxes, instruction booklets and electronic strobe!


Complete Ikelite dive system camera equipment.


New in an open box is this hard to find Fujifilm Instax Mini 50S in Piano Black. This popular Fuji still sells for big bucks new and used but I’ve got mine priced very fairly – two brand new Panasonic CR-2 batteries included as well as the original unopened strap and unopened close-up lens attachment. Check it out!


SOLD – Thank You! SeaLife Reefmaster RC automatic exposure 35mm film camera and armored underwater housing good to 164 feet! Like new, super clean, and in mint condition. Includes the 3X Macro Lens and Color Compensating Filter, and a roll of Fujicolor. It takes (2) AA batteries. Works great above and below the water.


Very nice (and rugged) Atan nylon lens case. It’s been used but not abused. Padded inside with a drawstring closure it’s the perfect case for people on the go. Includes a super long shoulder strap. About 6.5 inches tall so it will hold a short telephoto and smaller lens.

Plus everything in the studio shop is on sale at 10% off my already low prices. I ship worldwide but if I’ve missed your country just contact me for a quote.

Thanks for stopping by! – Chris

Studio Camera: Fujifilm X-A10

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Minolta SR-T 101 from 1969

We’ve got a wonderful vintage classic from Minolta – the venerable SR-T 101. Actually, quite a groundbreaking camera back in its day with many never before seen features and functions. This one was purchased by a young man serving in the U.S. Army in South Vietnam in 1969.

It was a combat camera having flown with him on several missions aboard a helicopter over the Mekong Delta region. He told me that he purchased it almost as soon as he arrived in country at a Post Exchange in Saigon. Despite its exciting beginnings, it’s made it to today with no dents and only a few bright spots in the satin chrome finish. It’s a fully mechanical camera – the shutter operates independently of a battery from Bulb to 1/1000 of a second. A battery is only needed to operate the TTL meter.

DSCF7594 logo

This good-looking Minolta has received a complete inspection and has been meticulously cleaned inside and out by me. I tested it with a fresh 1.5v alkaline battery and the light meter works just fine. It will be off by about 1/2 to 1 full stop but when shooting with negative film the wide exposure latitude of film usually makes any exposure differences unnoticeable.

That’s a “fresh” roll of expired Fujicolor film (from 2010) and the original soft body cap from Minolta. For more details and to see additional pictures of it, visit our online store at https://www.ccstudio.com

Or you can purchase it directly from here – I’ll ship nearly worldwide. Please drop me a line for a shipping quote to your country. In the USA, I will ship it USPS Priority Mail for only $6.00  Just click on the “Pay with PayPal” button below.

Many thanks for stopping by! Chris

Minolta SR-T 101 35mm Film Camera

Vintage (100% fully working) 35mm SLR from Minolta - the SR-T 101


Canon ELPH Jr. – 1997

Canon ELPH Jr. APS point & shoot ultra-compact camera – September 1997

This camera set is available at our online store at https://www.ccstudio2380.com

Canon ELPH Jr.

Ultra tiny camera from Canon near the start of the APS introduction. It may have had a list price of $299.00 !!! That’s some serious coin even by today’s standards!


It’s a solid, well-designed camera with a crazy amount of features packed into such a small lightweight camera.


APS film is still readily available today and can be developed and scanned by the top online processors. We’ve never used an APS camera so we’ll give this one a try. I’d like to check out the panorama format plus this camera has a relatively fast f2.8 wide angle lens.


A scan from the instruction booklet – specs



Samsung Galaxy S8+ vs. Canon ELPH Jr.



Have you used an APS camera in the past? If so, let us know what brand and model and if you were happy with it. Thanks a bunch!


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Konica Z-up 60 35mm Compact Camera (New in Box) – Available for Purchase –

Hey all! Carol and I continue to downsize our collection (menagerie?) of really cool “modern classics” film cameras (whew)! This one is from Konica Minolta and is a nicely featured 35mm automatic camera that’s as new as the day it was made. It’s still in its original box and includes all the goodies that came with it plus a nice bonus of some Fujicolor film. It features a Konica power zoom lens from 35-60mm.

Check it out…


Please visit our online store at https://www.ccstudio2380.com for more details and to purchase this nice camera set.


It’s in perfect, fully tested and working condition and ready for Christmas!


No worries about dating your pictures – I believe the calendar goes up to 2049!


We’ve included new batteries and an expired roll of Fujicolor color negative film for making prints. We’ve used this film before and it still produces nice colors and contrast! We’ve got the original box, all papers, an unopened strap and a really nice Konica leatherette case.

Thanks for stopping by! Remember, check out our online store at https://www.ccstudio2380.com

Chris and Carol ^.^

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Modern Classic – Fujifilm Zoom Date 140

Released around late 1999 or early 2000 – another of Fujifilm’s high zoom 35mm autofocus compact cameras. 


It’s a good looking camera that fits well in my hand. Not too small but not overly big either. Still handles like a quality point and shoot camera from the 1990s. Features a nice Fujinon zoom lens so it handles a wide range of shooting situations. Of course when it extends the lens it looks a bit goofy at 140mm but at least the motor is kinda quiet.


The Fujinon lens features 5 components, 5 elements, 38-140mm zoom f/ 7 to 13 with closest AF focusing from 0.9 meters to infinity.



Quality materials used throughout – solid construction.


Nice bright viewfinder – recessed on/off button and an easy to use zoom lever (gray thingy) for zipping through the different focal ranges.



Easy to set date modes and of course an easy to see and read LCD. Big shutter button feels good under your finger.


Easy to load and has some what looks like glass over the rear element. Nice touch.


Of course it has a self timer, auto film advance and rewind, autofocus, autoflash with red-eye reduction and DX coding from ISO 50-3200. Uses the still easy to find CR123A lithium battery. Weighs 240 grams without the battery.


Comes with a roll of Fujicolor Superia film – expired in 2002.

Should you collect these plastic fantastic P&S compact 35mm cameras from the 2000s? Yes of course – if you can find one still new in the box, why not? They don’t make them anymore and if you’re looking to find a good 35mm film camera as a user, this one has enough features and a quality zoom to handle most demanding shooting situations.

This set can be viewed at our online store, CC’s Studio Twenty-3 Eighty at http://www.ccstudio2380.com if you’re interested.

Thanks a bunch for your visit and as always, Carol and I appreciate your comments and likes.