Canon ELPH Jr. – 1997

Canon ELPH Jr. APS point & shoot ultra-compact camera – September 1997

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Canon ELPH Jr.

Ultra tiny camera from Canon near the start of the APS introduction. It may have had a list price of $299.00 !!! That’s some serious coin even by today’s standards!


It’s a solid, well-designed camera with a crazy amount of features packed into such a small lightweight camera.


APS film is still readily available today and can be developed and scanned by the top online processors. We’ve never used an APS camera so we’ll give this one a try. I’d like to check out the panorama format plus this camera has a relatively fast f2.8 wide angle lens.


A scan from the instruction booklet – specs



Samsung Galaxy S8+ vs. Canon ELPH Jr.



Have you used an APS camera in the past? If so, let us know what brand and model and if you were happy with it. Thanks a bunch!


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2 thoughts on “Canon ELPH Jr. – 1997

  1. I had a Fujica APS camera, back in the early 2000s. I missed at least one picture, when the person I was photographing walked past me, before the slow autofocus fixed on them. I had complaints, too, from my wife and other middle aged women, complaining the lens was too sharp!

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    1. Hi John! I hear that was a major complaint with these early APS cameras – slow autofocus. We plan on testing one of our APS cameras here soon as I’m curious as to how well it does. The Canon ELPH Jr. has a 26mm f/ 2.8 lens that I hope will deliver excellent images given the camera’s small size. Thanks for your comments.


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